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  • August 2, 2015
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You Are The Vision

Pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and allow these all important questions to resonate inside you.  Who am I? What is my true purpose and vision? What am I doing to attain that vision? Success in any Endeavour is about having a crystal clear understanding of your grand vision for life and working towards attaining it by constantly weeding out unwanted distractions.

What drives you is what defines you. In the ocean of humanity, the only differentiating factor that sets you apart is your vision for life. The grandness of your vision, the strength of your vision and your personal commitment to attaining that vision is all that matters.

 You will of course fail many times. You will fail again and again. Failure is not just a part of life, it is the very process of life; you cannot succeed without failing enough. But what will keep you going amidst of all the failures of life is that single all important vision of yours.  

Vision statements are not those moral codes you hang on the wall and forget. Your vision has to be nurtured and taken care if it has to grow and expand. You have to continuously feed it with your ideas, dreams, skills and perseverance.

You have to create and preserve the environment that is necessary for your vision to succeed. You have to choose to be around people who can support your dream, and learn to avoid those who simply want to use you like a fevistick to glue their shattered dreams.

It does not matter how intelligent and smart you are, if you cannot wake up every morning and remind yourself about your vision and purpose for life, you will not be able to make it a reality. Anyways, you don’t have to be a Superman or a Spiderman to attain your vision. You only need to be a man; a simple, learning, evolving, purposeful man. By the way all this applies to a woman as well 🙂

Come on my friend, dream big. Let people laugh at your dreams. Let them play it safe. Let them hide themselves in their closets made of fear. Let them outcast you for being yourself. You just keep on moving ahead like a horse with blinkers; focusing only on what is ahead.

Anyways, it is far better for you to be a dream generating machine, than to be a tiny cog in the wheel of somebody else’s dream. Find your purpose, your vision and your fascination for life. The world is just a vast, dark, empty expanse of space waiting to be filled with the colors of your vision. Pick up your paint brush of imagination and get going.


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