IASbaba General Studies Prelims Mock-Solution and Discussion

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  • August 18, 2015
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IASbaba's Daily Prelims Test, IASbaba's Daily Prelims Test 2015
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Hello All

We hope our Mock Test was of some help to many of you. It is seen that many couldn’t fare well. This definitely doesn’t mean your preparation level is not good. This also doesn’t mean that you should get depressed. Additionally, it also doesn’t mean you shouldn’t appear or doubt your preparation (many have mailed asking whether to appear or not).


Having said this, we would like to give an overall picture of our assessment based on intention behind a bit tough Mock, your performance and anxiety.


Why we kept it a bit on the tougher side?


This year UPSC Prelims selection will be decided by GS paper. If you have followed past papers (post 2010) and its level, its  clear that 2012 was the toughest among all. In last two years UPSC had kept it on easy to medium side. Now, there can be two things to take as a lesson-


UPSC can either make it tough or keep the level same– Only they know.


Lesson is- Prepare for the worst!!

Worst doesn’t mean you are out of the race. It means to keep your level high. Competition has increased. And if the paper will be tough and your preparation is decent then you can compete well.

However, if you got lucky by paper being easy, obviously competition will be highest and since you have prepared on a higher note, your chances will be maximized.

Do not get into details of all these assumption and focus on reality

And reality is- Your actual performance on D-Day! We will write a post (from the experiences of IASbaba Team) on How to Deal with GS within Examination environment, those 2 hours!! 🙂 Be confident and prepare well. Do revise all what you have studied.

All- When we said ‘ALL’ it precisely means your strengths. Focus on your strengths where your are most confident. Do not worry about left out portions.

Let us suppose your strengths are Geography, Economics, Environment and Polity. And your weaknesses are History, Culture and S&T.

You should be able to attempt more than 90% of your strength areas. This will ensure more than 50 Questions for sure. It means around 100 marks 🙂 The lesson here is- You still can manage 100 marks without falling into temptation or confusion. Once you fare 50% questions with confidence, there is no stopping. More GYAN will be in a day or two in our next post 🙂



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