• IASbaba
  • September 7, 2015
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Hello Friends 

When we strive to get something, we buckle up hard and start with much enthusiasm and vigor. The euphoria of this beginning can fizzle out easily if there is lack of consistency. This is a natural human tendency. We at IAS Baba have overcome this tendency and that is what helps us in coming up with all the initiatives that is meant for you.

After going through our 100 Days plan for GS and some of the optional, most of you must have pledged to be regular and consistent. However, we can clearly see that there are many of you who are not taking this up sincerely and are very irregular. Let us tell you one thing friends-

“What differentiates a successful and a failed candidate is nothing but perseverance”

If you think that you would cover all the backlogs pending for the past one week or you can simply glance through the answers written by others, we feel sorry for that is not going to happen. Irrespective of the strategy and sources that you follow, such procrastination is a recipe for future disaster.

The moment you lose momentum and become irregular, the devil is actively engaged in satiating you. There is a difference of opinion in your personality the moment you become a dull person. You will start justifying your delay with supportive arguments on the same. You know what’s happening on the other side?

Your competitors are working like crazy and without any ado have managed to give their best. Depression is humane but to carry it forward and affect you and your goal is utter injustice for the pledge  you took. Remember that pledge and sacrifices you did in past days and years just to fulfill your dream of becoming a civil servant! Nothing is more grave than your failure from yourself, forget about competing with others. Huh!

Time is still there with you but not for long. Those who are regular with TLP, be it GS or optional, would definitely better their prospects for this exam. However, our message is for those who are irregular with their efforts for one reason or the other. Please be regular my friends. What stand between you and your destination, is you yourself. Please don’t be your own enemy. Be regular and we promise that you will realize the difference that TLP will go on to make to your prospects.


All the very best


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