Think, Learn & Perform (TLP) – Public Administration [Day 8]

  • IASbaba
  • September 6, 2015
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Public Administration, TLP Mains 2015
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Think, Learn & Perform (TLP) – Public Administration [Day 8]


Paper 1 – Development Dynamics

Q.1) Development Administration might be an action-oriented and goal-oriented dynamic theory, but people’s participation is it’s most crucial and most visual characteristic. Thus, only a true democratic country with a highly decentralized polity can satisfactorily adopt DA. Critically comment.

Q.2) Anti-Development thesis is nothing but a reversal of the status-quo. Instead of a standard ‘top down’ implementation strategy, an alternative ‘bottom up’ apporach is envisioned in this new post-modernist theory. Comment.

Paper 2 – Rural Development

Q.1) The transformation of MGNREGA from a rights-based welfare scheme to a targetted social security programme, has theoretically been a conscious change from a participative approach to a top-down centralized one. Comment.

Q.2) “Conceptually, district planning introduces a spatial dimension to the planning process at the state level.” Examine, in this context, the role of district planning in practice in different states.

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