Think Learn & Perform (TLP): GS Mains Synopsis [Day 18]

  • September 18, 2015
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TLP: GS Mains Synopsis [Day 18]



Q 1) Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction. How relevant is the statement for a young civil servant? Elucidate.


The Top Answer for this question is written by – Jeandreze


Ans) It is often said that the success comes to those who make sustained effort. Moreover, the courage to take the righeous path ensures that success would be achieved someday. But these virtues are themselves sufficient to keep the fight alive but not sufficient to succeed. Success requires more than effort and commitment. It is only on well directed path can a person move forward. It is important to measure our progress,take feedback on these efforts. Take the example of space mission programs of ISRO.They have shown to the world with sustained effort and courage results can come. But their work was directed to overcome past failures and contribute to Nation Building.

Likewise the civil servant must have clear objectives in his mind when he takes up the service. ‘Public Interest’ should be the driving factor for all his actions. The efforts and courage must be displayed in sustained manner for public good.

Importance of Goal :-

  1. Makes the person take a more focused approach.
  2. The problem can be solved in time bound manner.
  3. With clear goals the person is able to offer practical solutions.
  4. Public service delivery improves with set targets.
  5. The progress can be monitored, corrections can be suggested


India has taken up the commitment to achieve Millennium Development Goals to improve Human development factors. The well directed approach provides direction to the civil servant.

Q 2) The problem with our country is that too many are looking for the right person instead of being the right person. How far do you agree? Substantiate.


The Top Answer for this question is written by – Heidi

Ans) “Whenever there is decline of righteousness, I incarnate myself to protect the virtuous”. is this the reason why we are looking for a divine intervention or incarnation to lead us in our troubles? then it could be any one of us. The problem is the absence of willingness to face the problem and take initiative.

This tendency of searching for the right person to solve the issue has been institutionalized recently. whenever we are in crisis we overwhelmingly tend to ‘Facebook’ it before we ‘face’ it. A part of the problem can be attributable to our traditional legacy. we are too much dependent on charismatic personalities. be it in politics, religion, entertainment; hero worship seems to become part of our culture.

The adverse consequence of this habit is the loss of collective responsibility and effective personal contribution in our society. The recent ‘India against Corruption movement got momentum when there was a charisma at the front. It took long sixty years to voice against corruption only when a ‘savior’ appeared; and the momentum got diluted eventually when the charisma got engaged in other activities.

Enjoying the rights without knowing the responsibility is the issue. every one should be aware of his/her duties and responsibilities. Individual initiatives from everyone can only bring the change that we want.

Q.3) Case Study

You are the district magistrate in a state known for its rich mines. There is a contract to be awarded through a tender inviting bids from interested parties to develop the mines in your mineral rich district.

Being a highly profitable contract, there is intense competition among bidders and virtually everyone is trying to extract information from you regarding details of the tender so as to get first mover’s advantage. In a situation like this, you are supposed to maintain absolute secrecy in order to ensure a level playing field.

However, one particular day, your wife asks you about the tender and you tell her casually some of the critical modalities.

The very next day, you see reports in the newspaper that are blaming you for furnishing secret details to one of your close friends who was deeply interested in the bid. Upon inquiry with your wife, you get to know that your close friend had insisted her to ask you the details of the tender. He had also promised her that he won’t tell anyone about it. But unfortunately, the matter got leaked in the public domain and people are outraged by the incident and questioning your integrity.

You realise your mistake that you shouldn’t have told your wife about the tender. But it’s already too late.

What options do you have in this situation? Which one will you follow? Give reasons.


The Top Answer for this question is written by – Sepoy No 1446

Ans) This is a case where personal trust and business ethics have criss-crossed each other.A choice has to be made which in this case is a post-facto plan of action. By blindly following trust,I have compromised with ethical values of organisational loyalty which is now posing a threat to the fairness of overall bidding process.

All the actions taken will have to consider the following issues:

  1. The larger public cause
  2. The public criticism
  3. Image of my wife and mine.

My wife is an innocent criminal,but I am also equally a partner in this crime.By compromising with the sensitive information, future of a major project has been put in jeopardy.In this case the image of mine and my wife comes secondary to the issue of fairness and a value based system.I will suggest following immediate and futuristic plan of action to a person fallen in such situation.

Immediate action:

  1. Evaluate the progress of bidding process and if found compromised cancel the process and re-order for fresh bidding
  2. Issue a clarification to the administrative HQ citing the reasons behind it. State the facts that it was a lapse of misjudgment on your parts and you had no ill intentions,neither did your wife had.
  3. Issue an apology to public,stating the facts and corrective actions you have taken thus assuring them of a fair process.

Futuristic action:

  1. Ask wife to show restraint in her public life and do not disclose any secret details.
  2. Avoid sharing any details with your wife in the first place itself.
  3. Public engagement and stricter vigilance of parties involved in bidding process
  4. Trace the intention of the”close friend” and find out the nexus if any exist between bidding parties.



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