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TLP Mains 2015
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Password- TLP2015


[Day 28]: MINI TEST-2


Note- Click on the Questions to write answers. Password– TLP2015

Word Limit- 220

From now onward we will follow these guidelines for sustainable run of this initiative. 

  • For every question we will try our best to review ‘ONE BEST ANSWER and ONE NOT SO GOOD’
  • Why ONE BEST- So that for everyone it act as reference for improvement.
  • Why ONE NOT SO GOOD– So that others can realize and correct their mistakes

For everyone to get reviews we have zeroed on following scheme of reference:

Marking Scheme



  • Best Answer
  • Within Word Limit
  • Brilliant Structure & writing style along with super content
  • This is the answer, others have to look for as a bench mark other than our Synopsis and Review


  • Very Good answer
  • A bit of improvement is required
  • Do look for this answer for additional points and different approach if any


  • Decent Answer
  • Word Limit Exceeded
  • Some improvement in structure but content wise very good


  • Poor answer/average
  • Word Limit Exceeded
  • Needs lot of improvement


  • Very Poor answer/below average
  • Structure wise, content wise, writing style wise

1. ‘Post Independent India is no less in continuing the transgressions on Tribals as compared to British era of Pre independent India’. Critically examine


2. “Nehru’s policy of Non-Alignment came to symbolise the struggle of India and other newly developed nations, in retaining and strengthening their independence from colonialism.” Critically comment.


3. The 12th five-year-plan states that only ‘super critical technology-based power plants’ would be set up in India. Is it viable for the country to make the shift? Evaluate.


4. ‘Climate Change Negotiations have become political and economic business rather than Environmental Concern’. Do you agree?


5. What do you mean by Social Protection? In a democracy like India, what do you think can work as a better solution: Independent working of the programmes or their integration? Comment


6. “The Parliamentary System in India works on differential responsibility of Upper and Lower Houses that has left Upper House to stall legislations and bring Government to halt”. In the light of the statement compare and contrast the Upper House Systems of India and USA. Do you think Rajya Sabha has lost its relevance?


7. Comment on Globalization being the cause as well as motivation for extremism.


8. Do British owe reparations for the exploitation of its colonies? Present a case on why British owe reparation to India and why not?


9. “Indian parties oscillate between chaotic Internal Relations and the authoritarian grip of a tall leader.” How true is it in the context of Indian political parties? Critically comment.


10. Security issues once confined to few aspects have resurfaced with whole new definition and challenges in present time. Discuss three such security issues that you think are the major threats for India in present times and why India need to counter them with utmost urgency?


11. Numerous legislations regarding ‘Rights of children’ in India have failed to tap the real essence of ‘Right to have a Childhood’. In the light of the statement critically discuss how effective the Indian legislations have been in securing the ‘Rights of children’?


12. Despite high-profile successes such as the Mars mission, and its well-known prowess in IT, India lags badly in technological research and development as compared to its Asian counterparts.” Where do you think India is missing the catch? What can be done to make India’s scientific development inclusive?


13. How did Socrates establish the primacy of free thinking and moral courage in public life? What do you mean by ‘speaking truth to power’?


14. How does dilemma define our moral attitude? Substantiate with examples


15. Case Study


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