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Integrated Learning Program (ILP) - 2016, Micro-Plan
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   Check the Updated Micro and Test Series PlanClick here


Hello Friends,


Hope you are doing well. We understand the excitement and zest among all of you for the upcoming program. Here we present our Micro-Plan (1 month) and some sample notes so that you understand, what is about to come 🙂


The Plan for Program-1, TEST SERIES will be available to all on the website (to be published soon) but Micro- Plan and other initiatives will be exclusively for our Registered Users.


Test Series Plan will also be Topic Wise rather than Book wise. We will incorporate all the interconnected topics and sources to make your study more exciting and easy.


Here is the link for Micro-Plan (1st Month)- Click here


Program 2 and Program 3 users will also get Prelims and Mains related Value Add Notes from IASbaba to make their preparation multidimensional and qualitative.


Things to be provided

  • Prelims Oriented Current Affairs- Weekly (From Phase 1 onward)
  • Mind Maps- Prelims plus Mains Oriented (Phase 1 onward)
  • Value Add notes- Prelims Oriented (Phase 1- Prelims)
  • Value Add Notes- Mains Oriented (Phase-2 onward)
  • Previous Years Questions both Prelims and Mains will be covered
  • You do not have to worry about anything be it Yojana, Newspapers, Reports, IYB, Economic Survey etc. IASbaba will take care of it.
  • You are only required to study without thinking about what to study 🙂


Kindly note that “Value Add” Notes will cover specific issues not to be found in Books you will be covering. It will be a wholesome coverage where you will learn to capture the theme of the topics and subtopics which have interconnections especially in Mains. 


Things to Remember

  • Micro Plan may look hectic. We have give overlapping sources to make sure nothing is left when we prepare questions.
  • You only have to cover them as per your limit. For one candidate, it may take less time and for others more, but in the end due to the nature of design of the program, everyone who follow this till the end, will be confident of learning and gaining knowledge.
  • Prog 2 and 3 Aspirants may also take Test Series (prog-1) simultaneously. We will design it so that you are again able to revise it along with following the Micro-Plan.
  • Test Series- Program 1 will be conducted once in 15 Days. Topics will be given from static as well as Current Affairs, not exclusive but inclusive so that you can connect them and retain them for long.
  • The design of program will let you be in touch of whole syllabus in a smart manner including Current Affairs.



Check the sample for Prelims Specific Current Affairs Value Add NotesClick


Note- Current Affairs for Prelims will be given once in a fortnight (2 Weeks).


Check the Sample for Mains Specific Value Add Notes Click


Note- This will start from Phase-2

IASbaba will also give you MIND MAPS in both the Programs 2 & 3 for Phases 1 and 2 🙂 


P.S: Do not go impatient now. Start the preparation. IASbaba is working hard to make this program effective and result oriented for all of you. Hope the Plan and Sample provides you enough insight about the hard work to be done for all of you. Only request from our side is to concentrate on your study and match the frequency with us. For success there is no short cut. We have pledged to do it, have you?

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