Important Update: Regarding Programme 1, 2 and 3

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  • October 8, 2015
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Integrated Learning Program (ILP) - 2016
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Hello Friends

This post is a response to the burgeoning number of queries that we have received w.r.t. the specific details of “Road to Mussoorie-2016”. We’ve made an attempt to clarify all the possible doubts that can spring up but irrespective of various posts and the FAQs especially put up, many of you conveniently skip reading the details and act in haste, by sending across a quick e-mail. Since we believe in providing an answer to all your questions, we have been making sure that we reply to each and every e-mail but due to some constraints and more so on the part of ignorance of  few, we are again making an attempt to put rest to all your doubts.  🙂

Regarding Program 1

  • NO deadline? Can register as per your own convenience.
  • 1st Test (Tentative)? 30th October, 2015
  • Interval between each Test: Every 15 days (Twice/Month)
  • Total no. of Tests: 20 (inclusive of 3 FULL MOCKS)
  • Publishing of the Plan for Test Series: 12th/13th October, 2015


Issues with Payment:

  • If your money is deducted and you didn’t get any acknowledgement, then email us with payment id (Instamojo) with subject title “Program-1/Payment Failed but amount deducted” and then stay assured- RECTIFICATION will be done as soon as the mail is received and before the commencement of the program.
  • Send us a reminder mail ONLY when we ask you to.

Regarding Program 2

  • MICRO-PLAN: Under construction.
  • Mismatch of Chapters or Topics: Formulate your own plan and start studying.
  • Publishing of the Revised Micro-plan:  12th/13th October
  • Why Delay: Incorporation of various suggestions made by all of you.
  • Sharing of Micro-Plan: Only 1 month plan will be shared for all
  • Deadline to join Program 2: NO (Waiting for the declaration of Prelims result)
  • Convergence of Program 1 & 2: Full length Test Series will run parallel to this so you are required to study & appear for Prog-1 tests as well.


Why Micro-Plan then?

Micro-Plan has been formulated to:

  • Achieve daily targets
  • Building up of a strong base
  • Enhancing basic understanding
  • Keep the habit of  ‘procrastinating’ at bay
  • Even if you achieve 50% of this, you will gain regularity and seriousness with confidence. 
  • Others (not freshers) can parallelly follow full length Test series plan, as they have basic understanding of the syllabus and exam.
  • Freshers: UPSC doesn’t differentiate between a fresher and a veteran, so push yourself harder to achieve your own targets.
  • Phase 1 ends: February


Answer Evaluation: NO

  • Not a Mains Test Series
  • Help in the form of directives & guidelines, strictly as per our understanding
  • On qualifying Prelims 2016: Assistance in the form of evaluation of specific answers (NOT all)


Value-Add Notes:

  • To Complement your preparation
  • Extensive coverage of selected topics that are difficult to prepare (ONLY)
  • Mindmaps/Charts/Figures
  • Multidimensional + Revision friendly
  • You’ll have to make notes on your own (NO SHORTCUTS)


Those who registered and got id and password

  • Kindly wait for us to start the journey. This id and password will be used for the platform we are developing.  We will make the platform live before we start. 


Those who registered but didn’t get id and password

  • DO NOT WORRY. It’ll be generated and will be handed over to you well in advance.


Those who made the successful payment and sent us email-

  • Kindly do not wait for reply and start your preparation. We cannot reply to everyone right now so this post is to clear that, their successful enrollment is done and they need not worry 🙂
  • If your money is deducted and you didn’t get any acknowledgement:
  • Email us with payment id (Instamojo) with subject title “Program-2/Payment Failed but amount deducted” and then stay assured- RECTIFICATION will be done as soon as the mail is received and before the commencement of the program.
  • Send us a reminder mail ONLY when we ask you to.


Regarding Program 3

Basis of Calls:

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Process will go on till 22nd October
  • Your turn will come-Stay patient!
  • Repeated Mails- Gives a bad impression

If not selected for Program 3 or not received call:

  • Definite entry into Program 2
  • No need to hastily register for Program 2 and send us queries regarding up-gradation
  • If you get a call and already registered for prog-2, then we will let you know whether you can join 3 or not and what needs to be done henceforth.
  • So what to do: Study Patiently! 😀
  • Other benefits (apart from personal mentoring through calls) are common for Prog 2 and 3.


Regarding FREE Seats for Economically Weaker and PH (Economically Weaker) Candidates

  • NO need to send across reminder mails
  • Notification will be put across based on proofs & documents sent across to us.
  • No calls are possible till the time selection process of Program 3 is over
  • Selection for this section will be done before we start on 25th Oct or after and selected candidates will be notified through email to join us. 🙂


  • We have kept some seats for aspirants interested in our Prog-3 (Post Prelims Results) if not selected for Mains 2015. Yay!! 😀
  • We will not be entertaining mails/Disqus comments if the subject matter of the query and the subject matter of this clarification + FAQ matches.

Study well!


IASbaba Team

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