NEW INITIATIVE – TLP ‘Super 100’ for 2015 Mains Aspirants

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  • October 20, 2015
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TLP Mains 2015
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                                                                                            This is a FREE INITIATIVE!!


Hello Friends,



Congratulations to all those who qualified for mains 2015. We also appreciate all those who put hard work but could not get desired result. The message for them is –Keep working hard, you never know how close you are to the success.


From the outset, we must make it clear that this post is more relevant for all those who have qualified for mains. Those who did not qualify can directly jump to second last paragraph. We are aware that now with about 60 days left for the mains, it not the right time to change strategy. But it just the opportune moment to intensify the effort. Therefore we have come up with an initiative that will complement TLP-2. It is named Super -100. 


About the Initiative?


Mains is all about “Answer Writing” and we, at we have always tried our best to review some of the answers on TLP Platform. Considering the hectic schedule and work load, it was running in doldrums from quite sometime. But its never too late 🙂

We understand that the opportunity given to all those, writing Mains this year, is Once for Last, considering the unpredictable nature of UPSC. So, IASbaba wants to make an effort in their success!


“SUPER 100”– We invite aspirants, qualified to write Mains 2015, writing regularly on our Platform or not to participate and be part of our “Super 100” community. 

Make use of this opportunity to polish your preparation and writing skill.


Reviews and Additions

TLP 2015 is running as per 100 Day Plan with 5 Questions everyday. Now onwards (from 23rd October), we are introducing “HOT” [High Order Thinking] Questions along with 5 Questions of TLP Plan. IASbaba and Team will focus more and more REVIEWS from now. We cannot promise to review all the answers but be rest assured that everyday, your answers will be reviewed, if not all then some 🙂



UPSC has knack of asking more number of current affairs based questions from past 3-4 months, say post August to November. So, IASbaba will post 3-4 such questions, specifically for Paper 2 and 3 in our HOT segment.

Also, We will cover all important topics in next 50 days. In addition to this we will try to cover all major events of last 1 year, relevant issues from Yojna, Kurushetra, EPW and frontline. We will also frame questions from government reports like ARCs, Puncchi Commissions reports . You do not need to read these reports now if you have not read it yet. Some of you will definitely write answers on it. Others can read it and get an idea about it. We will also post past years questions especially in paper 1. We have seen a trend that UPSC is directly asking past year optional questions from World History and Geography in GS paper 1. We will incorporate such relevant questions in our plan.


What about Optional?


Yes, we have something for Public Administration, Geography and Sociology. Your answers will be reviewed if you have mentioned Optional.


Who will Review your Answers?


IASbaba Team consists of and has got the support of people already serving in IAS/IPS/IRS and other services. But for TLP Super 100, we have got extended support of our friends already in services 🙂



  • Geography- IRS
  • Public Administration- IAS
  • Sociology- IPS

GS TLP– IASbaba Team and all of the above



Selection Process


All those aspirants who have qualified for Mains and interested to participate in Super 100 can

  • Send an email, subject “Super 100-TLP” at
  • Attach Proof/UPSC result
  • Name
  • Educational Background
  • Roll Number
  • Phone number
  • Unique ID– So that we recognize you on Answer Platform. It can be your ongoing Discuss ID or new one (In case you want to hide your identity) 🙂

Important NoteTop 100 will be selected based on First Come First Serve Basis

Priority will also be given to regular contributor on the TLP. While writing any answer on TLP -2, Super 100, you must mention your unique id. We will review your answers with more focus and also track the gradual improvement.


We also request you to write on paper and post the image on the site. But it’s requested to upload quality images and with proper orientation, so that we are not burdened. Typing is good but now writing is essential. It will prepare you for the hard grind of writing 6 hours in a day. This is just the right time to work simultaneously on content consolidation, revision and lots of answer writing (not answer typing). Though reviewing typed answer is much more convenient for us. Also try to answer all questions in a time limit of 7-9 minutes. We will do everything to make your UPSC journey successful. Just fasten your seat belts and get ready for whirlwind answer writing sessions.


2016 Aspirants!

All those aspirants who could not qualify for mains 2015, can greatly contribute in this initiative. You can also write answers and compare it with those who are writing mains this year. It will help you gauge where you stand in the competition. We are also aware that many deserving candidates who could have got a rank this year are not writing mains. You can help your fellow aspirants for next 2 months by reviewing their answers. If you do now, they will be obliged to return favor after they write their mains. This mutual cooperation will take us long way.

IASbaba Team and 2016 Aspirant– Let us support our friends writing Mains!


We might not be able to review all of your answers but we promise to review answers of all of you (If you know what we mean).  On our side we promise to be committed and as critical as possible in evaluating your answers. Chiseling may be painful but its worth the effort. We will put our best foot forward to chisel you for the final run. 🙂



Date of commencement of the Review – 23rd October, 2015

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