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PRIME MINISTER’S CALL FOR UNITY (Questions for Mains and Essay)


The President, the Prime Minister and the Reserve Bank of India Governor has recently spoke about rising intolerance in the Indian society and the need to uphold Unity in Diversity. In this regard, several statements given by them and others, can be useful for the examination, either in Essay or for giving conclusions to questions in GS papers.

Prime Minister: “The biggest strength the country has was its Unity. Peace and harmony are essential if India has to move forward and attain new heights of development.


[Question can be: What role did various nationalist leaders played during the national movement to uphold unity, peace and harmony of  the country.]

President: “It is imperative for the country to preserve pluralism and multiplicity. Our country has thrived due to its power of assimilation and tolerance. Our pluralistic character has stood the test of time.


[Question: Give few examples to show that how India had assimilated and tolerated its pluralistic character.]

RBI Governor: “There has to be discussions, and questions must be raised about various issues. Only then will we move forward in any kind of progress that we need to have in this country.


[Question: What is the role of discussion, dissent and debate in a democratic set up.]

India’s tradition of debate and open spirit of enquiry is critical for its economic progress.


[Question: Illustrate how debate and spirit of enquiry are crucial for the economic progress of a country.]

Mahatma Gandhi:The total agreement on any issue is practically impossible and so there is a particular commitment to truth as people see it, and that’s why plurality of opinion is to be ushered.” {you can prepare a question for yourself.}

Voltaire: “Free speech is the basis of modern civilization and there is no compromise on it.

[Jot down the articles related to freedom of speech and expression, supreme court judgement and important cases on free speech.]

Modern democracy is essentially a pluralistic democracy which needs to protect the rights of minorities.

[Make a note on articles related to the rights of minorities, for ex. Article 29, 30]


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