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Write an Essay on the following topics in not more than 1200-1500 Words


1. ‘Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live’.

2. Preventive vigilance as a tool for Good Governance.

3. Unity in diversity does not mean not having differences but it means not having conflicts.


A Model Essay for your reference




Words are sharper than a two edged sword:


The famous Irish playwright Samuel Beckett had once proclaimed that ‘Words are all we have.’ He said so, not because he made a living out of it, but because he realized what many of us fail to comprehend at times, the potency of words. Words, which are syllables, put together to give meaning to actions and actors, to feelings and phenomena, to events and emotions, to life, to destiny.

Closer home, I grew up with the same counsel from my father, which I still remember vividly. He always told me my words could wound or my words could heal, my words could make me live forever or get me killed. So, choose them wisely.

To make me learn the importance of this lesson, his weapon of choice was, well, words. He told me the story of how once Birbal had opined to his king, Akbar, that the most important organ of the body was the tongue.  ‘It could get you riches and it could get you killed,’ said the wise man. Akbar, skeptic at first, saw it for himself , when he ordered for an Afghan messenger , incensed and infuriated by his language and his manners, to be beheaded. Killing a messenger was nothing short of blasphemy, yet the King ordered the punishment, such was his wrath at the man’s insolence. Au courant, he garlanded and honoured a Persian diplomat for his words and demeanor , with which he could win their hearts.

Our ability to communicate is what sets us apart. What we say has a great impact on our personality, our relationships and the group dynamics to which we belong.

Mahatama Gandhi  had said “Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your values, your values become your habits and your habits become your destiny.” This quote practically sums up everything. Our words are the connection between our beliefs and our destiny.

Recently, a new sect of Buddhism has emerged. They chant a verse which says that, “We believe in ourselves and always good will happen to us.” They chant this everyday, together, for hours, believing that in a cosmic way, the positivity they are giving to the universe will come back to them . This is the very difference between a pessimist and an optimist. A pessimist keep cursing himself and becomes the very reason of his destruction, while an optimist keep saying that he will do it and he eventually does what he wants.

There is this thing with words. If you keep saying something, even if you don’t mean it’ then also after sometime you’ll start believing in it, what you say becomes your belief and then it becomes an integral part of your personality. Many of us must have experienced that sometimes a very smart, good-looking person when opens his mouth ruins his image and personality. And on the other hand, a good speaker looks beautiful and irresistible. This has been the quality of many a charismatic leaders this world has seen and at the same time, of many an ignoble beings.

Apart from molding the individuals personality words also shape the personal relationships.  Relationships are based on the dialogue between two individuals. A relationship requires trust, understanding, love, respect and empathy. And all of these feelings are expressed by what you say. A wrong choice of words can destroy lives.

It is not just what we say but how we say it, that matters too. One man’s sarcasm can be another man’s insult. A flippant remark can lead to some long lasting damage. I remember seeing this poster as a child, it portrayed a crying girl with her back turned from a group of laughing schoolchildren. My heart sunk as I read, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.” What a lie, I thought. Why else would the girl be crying if she was not hurt? Though pressed down upon on all sides, mocked and laughed at, called names, her dragons bid her to stand strong as they prodded her with white-hot prongs and left an indelible mark. I’ll bet her scars whisper to her at night, too.

The real power or edge of the words is seen when man from an individual relation gets into the society.

One flippant remark on how one should eat cake turned an entire nation against the Queen and then off came her head. Another Queen’s stinging words led to the great war of Mahabharata. The words of a small, diminutive man with a mustache moved a nation to genocide for the sake of an imagined greater good. One man’s proclamation, “I have a dream,” led to the emancipation of an entire race. A young boy shouted ‘Inquilab Zindabad’ (long live the revolution) and a helped a nation find its destiny. What seems like folklore to us now, came alive when an Indian Daily claimed as its headlines, ‘No one Killed Jessica’ and a country divided came together to fight for justice. Words live, they breathe among us, stay on long after we are gone, to be discussed by wide-eyed children trying to make sense of the legacy we have left behind. Hence, the reiteration, words are all we have.

To dismiss a reckless remark is to remove responsibility. This flippancy severs the cord of accountability between speaker and speech. As our medium of words has progressed from stone slabs to paper to screens, we seem to have lost the weight of the word.Think of an ancient scribe. He would pause, an ancient practice, before dipping his quill into a jar of thick, black ink. Fully aware of the repercussions of an error, he would painstakingly make each stroke with precision. He lived in an age unacquainted with a backspace key and where few could afford the price of an error.

But today, a text message mindlessly tapped out is just as soon deleted. Even this sentence was reconsidered, revisited, and revised. Our ability to communicate no longer springs from our dexterity of thought but the agility of our thumbs. Our words are no longer preserved in a weighty stone tablet. Instead, they are typed, deleted, and retyped and then sent out without pausing to think what chain of events we might set into motion. Such heedless words may lead to an innocent taking her life, to the lynching of an innocent man, riots in a city, shut downs and if nothing, leaves us with a general sense of unease and maybe impending doom. And we think, it was just a harmless text.

We are entitled. We have rights.

Does every tweeted and re-tweeted thought deserve merit merely in its right to be said? Is it politically correct to correct a politically incorrect statement? Our cry for the freedom of speech has made passage for the freedom from speech and the careful tending that should accompany it. Our tongues run rampant – never checked nor balanced. We demand our right to speak, but our flapping mouths pay no heed to how we speak. Because we think an error or offensive slip of the tongue incurs only minimal, if any, cost, when our words are many and close between.

It is important for us to realize that words written in posterity can influence the world for ages to come, not just in that moment or in that day or in that year. No civilization, war, warlord or a weapon of mass destruction have had such a long term impact on the society than the books written by scholars. These books brought an end to the dark ages and guided humanity toward Renaissance. Monstesquieu’sL’Esprit des lois, Karl Marx’s, Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species or the mighty Vedas of Ancient India are not mere books but cornerstones in the history of mankind, guiding us, teaching us, showing us the power of words, written or spoken.

Where words can harm, they can heal too. Why else would Gautama Buddha, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela , Swami Vivekananda, Mother Teresa and some such great entities, be able to sway generation after generation, guide us, inspire us, tell us from black and white, help us. Their actions speak, but more importantly, their words speak, for those actions might not hold relevance after all these years, for we have no imperialism to fight against, or apartheid. But, some demons remain, and their words are what we have to keep going back to make sense of what went wrong and what we might do to rectify it.

Unfortunately, in present times, words are being used to incite violence and spread hatred. Young minds are easily influenced with fake promises and dreams. They become prey to anti-social elements. A new war is being fought everywhere in the world and this time words are used as potent weapons. Rational thinking is being suffocated by curbing the freedom of speech, and radical ideas are being spread. They have the potential to further break the already fragmented world.

To prevent this disaster, there is only one way. That is self-restraint and control over our thoughts and emotions. Kabir das said,“ Speak such words that overwhelms the heart, they make the world peaceful and brings peace to oneself.”

Suffice to say, words are sharper than a two edged sword, so all we can do is think before we speak. To end from where we started, ‘words are all we have.’







  • Rahul Agarwal

    Baba… the best article i have read till now… almost goosebumps..request you to share some more model essays.

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      exactly u intrepreted what might mind says! probably one of the greatest ever article written up for essay dossier.

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    We are so indebted to you Babaji…when we needed you most,you were there.Pls review our essays today (as many as possible ) and enlighten us where can we improve.Essay can make or break the the chances at this saga called UPSC 🙂

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    Essay 1. Sorry about the handwriting. Decided to try a handwritten entry this time.

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  • Mani

    please review baba.

    Unity in diversity does not mean not having differences but it means not having conflicts.

    One thing that marks the existence of life is diversity. We are
    different. Right form an individual level from having different tastes,
    likings, disliking, way of thinking and attitudes to different values and histories
    of nations. Not only human or other living beings even our geographies are
    different. Yet we survive. We live together. When we talk of diversity,
    different kinds of colors, designs imprint our minds. People having different
    political, physical, religious, ethnic, social, ideological and attitudinal differences
    form a part of diversity. Often with
    diversity the concept of “unity in diversity” arises. Since ancient times, people have thought about
    this concept and even worked towards it. But, previously we were more detached
    in our respective areas. Nations and even people at national levels were not in
    continuous engagement with each other. They lived in their own spheres of definite
    society. Now, as we have globalised, unity in diversity has become an
    international concept. But is also, equally important at a national and individualistic
    level. However, the core essence of unity in diversity remains absence of
    conflict and not mere absence of differences.

    Historical context

    There are examples in our histories that show what unity in
    diversity is in its true sense. Indian independence struggle began with
    moderate phase concentrating on removing heterogeneity to achieve common goals.
    But slowly with militant nationalism it became clear that we have to find solutions
    within our diversity. We cannot remove our differences; in fact unity in these
    differences will resolve our inner conflicts and help us achieve independence. Thereafter,
    Indian struggle was always based on resolving conflicts between left-right,
    moderate-extremist, dalits-higher caste etc

    The failure of melting pot theory in America and consequent
    rise of American composite culture into a salad bowl was a perfect example f
    unity in resolving conflicts of ideas and cultures.

    Various nations achieved their independence during mid 20th
    century. It is the acceptance of diversity and not removal of difference or homogenizing
    societies that ensured survival of nations as diverse as India. The Sri Lankan
    Civil war has roots in the efforts of govt to impose Sinhala culture on Tamils.
    The formation of Bangladesh from Pakistan reflects failure to respect diversity.

    While nations defended their policies of removing
    differences through their vision of “unity”, they failed to recognise the importance
    of accepting differences. This led to conflicts and disunity. While nations
    were formed, need to preserve unity in diversity at national and inter-national
    levels remains important till date.

    National Context

    India, as an example, is an epitome of conflict resolution. Our
    constitution is a glimpse of how our leaders managed diversity in a mature and
    sensitive way. They didn’t try to impose linguistic, regional, ethnic
    singularity on plural culture. The linguistic reorganization of states is an
    example. There was always a belief that we need to accept diversity as an asset
    and not a liability. This positive approach enabled us to survive in an
    international atmosphere that felt India will fail.

    Unity in diversity does not mean we always walk together,
    hold similar views. It means we respects all views and try to arrive at a
    unified solution. This requires a sense of tolerance, acceptability, respect
    and a certain level of detachment from our own views. It is this power that
    helps in resolving conflicts and achieves true unity. Like India, all nations
    are diverse. For successful and peaceful governance, absence of all types of
    conflicts is necessary. Today we see nations struggling to manage their diversity.
    Racism in US, forced secularism in
    France, internal conflicts in Islamic nations highlights this reality. As we
    are globalizing at a faster pace, theses challenges will increase. International
    effort in dealing with diversity is also important

    International context

    Earlier, nations were “distanced” from each other. They were
    seldom influenced or were affected from other nations. Today we are all connected and in essence our diversities
    have also globalised. All that we do affect all of us in some way. Be it positive
    ideas of success and peace building or scourge of terror. Be it our economic
    diversity or our environmental susceptibility. Maintaining unity in such diversity
    becomes all more complicated. As we have
    different needs, aspirations there is a need to accommodate all interests. Any kind
    of imposition of values can be detrimental. We see that in the current Middle
    East crisis, it was the core pressure of western nations to “homogenize these
    nations” by imposing a value as high as “Democracy”. Thus, even if we try to
    promote good values, effort should be on accepting the diversity. Imposition
    will lead to conflicts. Today we face the crisis of terrorism. Almost every
    nation has suffered directly or indirectly. We need to formulate a “unified
    response” but we cannot remove our different views on it. All nations take
    terrorism differently. Thus, while adopting a “comprehensive convention on
    international terrorism” we need to resolve our conflicts of ideas to achieve
    an effective anti terror mechanism. Diversity of nations has made them
    vulnerable to climate change in different ways. Thus any “uniform approach to fight
    climate change” is bound to create conflict. We need to understand and accept
    our economic, historical, geographical and strategic differences while framing
    policies. Intended Nationally Determined Contribution s highlight true essence
    of unity in diversity. Here countries will frame their diverse ways to tackle
    climate change will unified goal of recuing global warming.

    Achieving unity in international values is not an instant
    thing. It must be achieved through patient deliberations and must be constantly
    nurtured. Only when conflicts are absent that we achieve “implicit unity”. Unity that doesn’t require show offs and runs
    through the hearts. In a connected world
    of speed, anonymity and reach of technology, challenges continue to rise. In such
    a scenario, nations must work with each other and within themselves to secure
    unity in diversity.

    Rising challenges

    Diversities will never cease to exist. In fact they will
    deepen with time as more people come closer to each other. We see that fast
    speed of internet has although made our lives easy, it has given a way to miscreants
    for spreading disturbances. At a national level, in India, rising cases of
    intolerance and irrationality are clear. This has been prevalent in religious and
    ideological spheres. In such cases, our
    country needs to remember the sound ideas of plurality and our secular values
    achieve the lost tolerance. While national efforts are necessary, conscience
    needs to be invoked by every citizen. Instances like moral policing, vigilantism,
    violence must be curbed and ideals of Constitution should be cherished. While conflicts
    are airing there is a need to introspect on the conditions that encourage them.
    Conflicts are not instant; they too have to be nurtured through violent ideas. Hence
    a strategy to nip such ideas in bud will help avoid them. The idea of homogenizing
    the society but putting bans, restrictions does not serve unity, it serves
    compulsions and helplessness. Ability to bear differences, absorb discomfort
    and anger are hallmarks of unity in diversity. Unless we respect others
    interest, we cannot protect our own interests simply because we are so inter
    related and dependent on each other.

    Challenges are also rising in economic diversity. The recent
    rise of e-commerce seems to diversify the market place and has given rise to “market
    conflicts”. Here the need is not to remove differences as it is a result of
    market evolution. It will be harmful for both retails and e-tailers. Need is to
    find a common path ensuring unity in vision of public welfare. Developing and developed
    countries often get into conflicts. The effort of developed nations to homogenize
    markets according to their own rules has given rise to conflicts. It has led to
    rise of regional economic forums like AIIB, NDB etc. it highlights how removing
    differences can be counter-productive for it can never remove diversities.

    Rising security challenges, emergence of hitherto poor
    nations has diversified security landscape. In such a case removing difference
    with promoting “concentrated powers or prestige” is proving to cause disturbances
    and possible conflicts of ideas. The increasing demand of UN reforms highlights
    the need to resolve conflicts in emerging diversity of opinions and roles that countries
    can and should play. It is clear that diversity is ever evolving; we need to
    move with it.


    In the discussion, we analyzed the ubiquity of diversity. We
    also analysed how unity in diversity is given a false cloak of removing
    differences and how this has and will lead to conflicts. There is a need to
    understand the concept of unity in diversity at citizen, national and
    international levels. Whenever there has been an effort to homogenize our
    differences, it has caused conflict and literally countered the essence of
    unity. Also, we know that unity is not about standing together, joining hands,
    clicking photographs, it requires genuine practical efforts. It requires an
    understanding of our ethical and moral responsibility to respect others’ of we
    want to get respected by others. It is only when we try to accommodate others, find
    “middle path” to all issues that we will be able to resolve and not eliminate
    our differences for common good. Only this will avoid conflicts at local,
    national and global levels. It will also lead to effective policies and efforts
    to fight common challenges like terrorism, climate change, secularism, stability,
    peaceful societies and brotherhood. For unity lies in peace and love, this will
    lead to true “unity in diversity”.

    • markande katju

      You hv said or assumed the true essence of essay in beginning ie in intro itself. I think this should not be done rather you should raise it as a question and then start fathoming various areana like historical national society international geographical environmental ecological biological physiological psychological etc

      In the respective paragraph also i think you should give critical points and then constructively redress them that will be very impactful.

      May be i m novice but please corect me

      • Mani

        yes your are right. first avoided it then i dont know why i wrote that last line in the intro 🙁
        i should never have done that!

        i didnt get ur second suggestion, please elaborate

    • essay is complete and brilliant. criticising it would be like criticising something just for the sake of it.

      although it can be improved..i loved the intro.. but it was too long.. very long paragraphs are not appreciated.
      and even in body you have written very long paras. try to avoid that.
      second point, don’t give headings. your content should be self explanatory. separate headings make it look like a school essay.

      • Mani

        thank you baba. you have literally made my day

        can i split these paras into smaller without necessarily cutting the points. will that work?

        i thought all essays should have headings 😛
        in fact while writing it i realised that headings are not serving their purpose still i didnt remove them 😀

        now you have said it, i will follow 🙂

        thank you

      • mypursuit

        very well written essay..:)..wrote the same topic but i dint give these many examples.yours is truly complete…

      • aditya singh

        I do not agree with your advice on headings . Toppers of last two years – 2013 (Gaurav Agarwal) and 2014 (Ira Singhal) – Both have used headings in essay (as told by them in their blogs) and also both got good marks in essay.

        • And I got 156 in Essay last Year 🙂 Choice is yours!

          It depends on topic of the essay

          • aditya singh

            Buddy. Don’t take on ur heart …. Ira Singhal got 160 in essay ….. your marks are also great . But don’t give Rigid advices that we should not use headings ….. everything is flexible in upsc exam

          • You misunderstood Man

            When did I say rigidly that no headings! It was for that particular essay that too for that person’s approach and content….chill

          • aditya singh

            You only said giving heading makes it like a school essay … . anyway Leave it … what I wanted to tell has got conveyed …… peace ….. since you are replying I would like to ask till when should we read newspaper for the coming mains ?? Please reply

          • january to November

    • Amit

      Good essay indeed.You have touched upron various dimensions.I restricted myself to a few.Have learnt a lot from your essay:)

  • monk who sold his nano

    Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live’

    What makes us human? Is it the flesh, bones, heart and brain? Perhaps none of it; It’s our conscience the accumulated sum total of our experiences, our emotions, our abilities and our vulnerabilities. It binds us to the world, makes us believe humans matter and above all is the driver of all proactivity.

    But very often few conscience shattering experiences create sociopaths, the brains without emotions. The degree of numbness is immense. There is no pain, no compassion, no solace and no succour, and neither any feeling of joy nor aspiration for it. This isn’t nirvana either, as nirvana is achieved by and for the human soul; whereas sociopaths have no soul left to achieve
    nirvana for.

    Humanity has been sustained and maintained by these mutual bondages and individual aspirations. Loss of these values would make anyone an outcast in a society. This level of awareness and compassion is what separates man from other animals. Unlike animals, humans don’t have to depend on instincts (though they have them). Humans are an innovative species not just because we won the race of natural selection out of sheer luck, but our consciousness helped us win the race.

    When this ability to feel, reason and be associated is lost, we lose the humane portion of our existence. We survive, but the reason why we exist is lost. The sheer volume of data resting in our heads becomes meaningless with the software processing that data gone forever. Even heretics pained by world look for solace, but when you lose your soul there’s neither need nor a will to look for solace. It isn’t despair either as for that you would need hope. It’s an inner world of utter sheer emptiness, an unfathomable void which can’t be filled.

    Be it Buddha or Gandhi, all have emphasized on compassion, and found it integral to our soul. The means to salvation according to them was to behave humanely, be in touch with human elements. But once we let go of the human values, we lose all sense of morality and obligation. The institutions constructed for pushing these values (religion, government, family, and society) seem redundant and often ridiculous. The detachment can make us undermine humans and sometimes even render them insignificant. The HOC prayer of Frank Underwood sums it best –
    “There’s no solace above or below; only us, small, solitary, striving, battling one another. I pray to myself for myself.”

    It’s not all horrible being a sociopath; the loss of emotions and worldly bondages makes us more efficient. The stone cold choices made are more rational than ever. There’s no fear of consequence, or any fear of any sort holding us back. It’s neither love, nor obscure social bondage of patriotic duties that can move us or restrict us. We may not be able to appreciate art be it Picasso, Raphael or Van Gogh or a 4 year old kid, but isn’t the whole point of arts is to not be condescending and judgemental. We may not be able to hold our new born kid and feel the sparkle in its eyes; but isn’t this sort of selfish nepotistic relations cause of all sort of feuds and malaise in present society.

    The perception that being a sociopath makes us an insane robot is also flawed, for sanity and robotics are both concepts made by mortal humans and not the eternal souls. Being human has its inherent advantages and disadvantages. Sociopaths just don’t share these advantages/ disadvantages.

    Not being able to feel any pain is the best blessing humans can ask for but the blessing comes at the cost of not being able to feel joy either. Probably being able to feel, desire and aspire is what makes us humans, makes us more than a tangible entity. The feeling of belonging keeps us together. The aspirations keep us innovative and fear and caution protect us. These psychological and biological links are intertwined and make a human, humane. Death is a loss to a society, but death of humanness is the loss to individual, and an immeasurable one.

    • gp

      When u talk of innerself u mentioned about love , hatered , association, bonding and other emotions and brought out its pros and cons,,, what I mean to say u can also move to self belief part as this is what makes life,, matlab if u r alive u need to look alive,,, that comes with belief,, no self belief is equivalent to death,,, belief = thoughts= actions= habit,,, then u can link it to babas essay I.e, changes in your external behaviour, , your words,, and words are all we have,,,
      If I assessed it correctly I think u limited to humane part of innerself and I talked about belief part,, and how does it differentiate between dead and living dead,,,

      But overall your compilation looks very professional

    • a good read this is!! exactly an essay i was looking for.
      an essay is a literary piece and it should be interesting first, so that it can capture the interest of a reader. your essay is interesting.
      but there is some scope of improvement as far as content is concerned. you could have discussed more dimensions as it was an open ended topic.

      • aspirant

        Sir actually i m hindi medium student so shall i post my ans here or not

    • cover2discover

      dude the sort of language u used is tremendous. infact being a english medium guy still some words flunked over my head. to be truly speaking i am shocked to see such sort of grammar used in an essay. see i think either u would have copied it fom some where. if not then definetly hats off to u because i am still trying to figure it out what you said in the essay in those lofty words. really …………….

      • monk who sold his nano

        Thanks buddy, for appreciating my effort. i can assure you it’s not a copy. However verbose it may seem it’s my original work. Literature is one of the things i am good at, perhaps because of practice or perhaps because of my teachers who were quite elegant when it came to literature.

        The essay is actually quite simple though, if you remove the language aspect.
        Again thanks buddy

    • Abhishek V

      Can I ask for your email id.. will use it to send some 4-5 ethics answer. Just need a good opinion if I am on the right track.
      If privacy concern, you can instead mail me, on abhidl04xy at gmail dot com
      Hoping for little help 🙂

      • monk who sold his nano

        Hey, always happy to help,
        My email id is [email protected]

        Disclaimer: I am not an expert at anything. So in case you find my opinion different from yours, stick to your instincts, specially for ethics answers.

  • gp

    A year of test series may or may not land me in upsc but I m damn sure about being a greater self believer, daring, peaceful person in the meantime,,, perfect piece for appearing students,,,

    • Mani

      what are u trying to say?

      • gp

        Mani ji ,,, in simple words saying baba also plays the role of moral builder along with his upsc preparatory works,, that’s it

  • Amruth Kumar

    Babaji and Friends please review and give valuable suggestions.

    • amruth you have been writing good answers but ill be a bit critical with essay.
      first of all you, a general comment, for everyone, that one should pick a topic where you have enough content.
      an essay is a test of the depth of your knowledge as well as your language.
      here there are several grammatical mistakes. these mistakes irritate the examiner because usually they have English background,and mistakes attract them.
      it was a philosophical essay so a number of dimensions could have been incorporated. you started with value, and then the whole essay got focussed over it. use synonyms so that repetition can be avoided.
      you started with one example and used it again and again. at times it can be done but generally avoid doing this. try to use different examples, one two especially from india, so that your observation can be seen.
      some dimensions- corruption, materialism, exploitation, jealousy, environmental degradation, selfishness etc.
      in conclusion you talked about technology research etc. should have raised these topics in body also , so that you could use them in conclusion.

      • Amruth Kumar

        Thanks Babaji for Review, I was expecting critical review Its first philosophical essay I wrote, and 3rd essay I wrote. I am not confident in essay as I never wrote an essay in my life before even in school.

        Thanks for suggestions, I will include them in coming essays. I will practice more and try to improve.

  • Bhavana H S

    I don’t know why I am really scared to write an essay, I want to overcome this fear at any cost, but I keep procrastinating 🙁

    • Mani

      just start

      there is very less time left now

      dont think

      kya hoga?
      thodi galti hogi!
      chalta hai!
      exam main galti hone se accha hai pehle hi sab corrections ho jaaye

      way to go

      • Bhavana H S

        Thanks Mani, will start writing right away.

        • Mani

          good keep it up


    • hey just pick the pen and start writing ….simplest solution !!!

      • Bhavana H S

        True, but I really don’t know what’s stopping me! Will start writing ASAP. Thanks Cosviny.

        • i wrote the third one and going to paste soon…but more imp that waiting for yours…………………………………!

  • 1. ‘Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live’.

    Ans. “The day of my birth , my death began its walk” apt saying as human lives in a cycle from birth to death. This is truth- permanent and unavoidable.Death is like going back to the origin of being and again merger with the five fundamentals elements out of which this world formed. when death is truth then speculating over its gain and loss is not worthy. But life is more about living rather living meaningfully in one’s conception and at its full potential.
    Man lives with his conception of life for oneself ,for family, for society, for nation ,for truth and for supreme being that is GOD. If life is not worthy in one’s own terms by any means ,death occurs , subjective rather than objective. This is nothing but the dying of willingness and passion for life.It is the condition when all reason fail to cherish and appreciate this invaluable gift of life. At this stage, one is equal to dead and this is most tragic and greatest loss. the tragedy lies behind the fact that every being want to live, it is one’s basic instinct of survival and right too. But something happened in this material world that an existence denied itself.
    we live in a world full of inequalities like social, cultural, economic, political and many more. No two human beings are equal by any means is an universal truth. Life would be complete if exist alone. But it exist in common and collective and conceives everything comparatively. The relative deprivation caused additional deaths along with natural one. The exploited and suppressed class when stops dreaming individually and collectively and accept the destiny as it is ,it dies before death.Here Marx is a fit that then religion become the “opium of masses ” in such conditions. the examples are migrant people from war torn or riot affected countries and attached humanitarian crisis. they are the group where people not able to get basic necessities of life and gradually calamities of life itself torn them apart. But sometimes few individuals are victim of the circumstances not the whole community.
    Individual is also responsible for his own destiny. His endurance towards odds and fortitude to fight adversaries of life , determine his mental condition which further decide his passion for life. The individual who can not cope up with the struggles of life ,he dies by quit and complete submission. He, then, stops strive for making things better to enjoy rest of life. The deviant , confused and alienated youth is most vulnerable to such conditions. Sometimes Individual end their life by suicide also. This is deplorable and heaviest blow to nature’s law. Life must be respected in all conditions and by any means at any cost.
    what circumstances exist to deny life are variable and complex. But one thing is essential that human life cannot live alone with basic necessities only. It wants purpose and meaning of life. It may come from setting goal of life, satiating some wants and desires and from faith. The recent radical change under large discourses of modernisation and Globalisation brought kind of changes which ripped community life apart. Region was a umbrella for integration of all aspects of life. The increasing differentiation of human life under secularisation by decline of faith and religion, Individual has become misplaced in society. This , though , very according to individuals conception. But a fit role in society evade confusion in one’s life and provide existential satisfaction to one. that is why few individuals are not able to connect and integrate themselves with society and obstacle the flow of life.
    On the other hand , world is full of examples when individual endured all odds in life and brought dignity to it. they set great example to humanity. The living paralyzed scientist Stephen Hawking did what the full life cannot. the day to day examples are shown by disable people’s Achievement that life is how you take it. Some one said the sharpest violation of human rights is not inflicted upon you ,it comes from within. this is directed towards the one who don’t respect their own life and disrupt it by any means.
    Altruism that is living for others without any expectations, faith in the name of Supreme Power, devotion to family or dear one brings meaning in life. Meaning and purpose provide the necessary energy and Flow of life. We cannot stop death to happen but can eliminate the preventive premature deaths.Here the achievement of life is not to get something but to achieve life till blissful and respected Beautiful death.

    • hey friends! if any one want to review more essays –
      the visit blog –

      • Another version :-
        Human have many aspects of his being like biological, psychological and spiritual. All these aspects in collective make us human. these aspects are proof of human connection from tangible physical world to intricate mystic cosmos. That is why human have conscience ,morality , compassion and spirituality other than the bodily basic instincts.

        Conscience tell us wrongness and rightness of one’s behaviour in societal setup,though in alone he is himself and free from worldly expectations and bondages.

        Morality make a human humane , full of regulated ,controlled and directed thoughts. Morality teaches us why we should respects other people’s bodily integrity and do never such act to be offensive to other’s value and belief system and faith.Morality tells what our behavior should to others. it finds the basis of compassion and the way to curb the horses of passion.

        Spirituality bring the human closer to nature and cosmos. Human get the essence of his being and contemplate himself as Integral part of this dimensionless, intricate and mystic universe whole. this conception is not reflection of haughtiness of being superior among all but understand his responsibilities and duties while enjoying the consciousness at higher echelon to promote and protect sustainability to world system. how can Such a majestic and superb qualities ,can defy Humans to die before death is a question which should be prime Enquiry to all Human race.

        What is there which may not be present during life is not questionable. It can be lack of morality and spirituality, lack of compassion and life enduring passion etc. it is always individual’s interpretative judgmental view of life that what he considers as essential and priority. But fundamentals of Humane life can not be denied by anyone at any cost.

    • Nice essay Cosviny. I am sure when you write it on paper it’ll come out nicely, with underlining etc. Keep it up. Examples like Marx add extra points to your answer. One suggestion – the dimension of your concluding para can be used above. It is a very critical part of the essay. (example of people beating all odds) ….logic is that use the best dimensions upfront. The examiner might not last that long :).

      • Thnaks BABA ji, i m reworking on it — I think i restricted my self to urge for life only —not able to incorporate spiritual, moral aspects well … religion etc…i must include that — i interpreted it in narrow sense

  • Amit

    Unity in diversity does not mean not having differences but it means not having conflicts

    Famous French writer and thinker Voltaire once said – ‘I may not agree to your view but I will respect your right of expressing views’.

    Rewind to late 1940s. Constituent assembly entrusted with the herculean task of drafting Indian constitution.Making a fundamental law for a diverse society like India essentially meant to respect varied interests/concerns (diversity) and provide them a place ,in best way possible, in the Constitution.
    Contrast this with Nepal,our Himalayan neighbor.Recently promulgated constitution could not adequately address various concerns of different sections of society

    In first case,the exercise led to establishment of a democratic state which has stood the test of time and unified a whole nation and in the latter case, conflict has thrown a whole nation into turmoil, seriously threatening its unity.

    Why do we have diversity:

    Since paleolithic period when men started permanently settling down to practice agriculture,history of human existence has been that of chronicles of diversity – occupational ,religious,language,race,ethnic,caste ,regional and many others.It is inherent human tendency to identify himself/herself with various social groups based on different factors. Such tendencies have given rise to different social groups trying to espouse their own interests owing to various affiliations and precisely this has led to the phenomenon which we call as diversity.

    India: An Epitome of Unity in Diversity:

    A country which recently had a Muslim President,Sikh PM and a Hindu Leader Of opposition speaks volumes of its diversity.A land where 4 major religious of the world find their origin,nearly 480 major languages and 1600 dialects are spoken .However, despite its diversity,cricket,army,any natural disaster, bollywood, festivals still bind the nation together in a single thread.

    How diversity leads to conflict :

    Having diversity,as such,is not vice.Having difference of opinion and expressing the same is also absolutely fine.Problem is in the manner these differences manifest themselves and more so, when these diverse groups do pit against each other.When the interests of one group are considered superior to that of others,when majority starts dictating the minority,such differences,often genuine,give way to conflicts.Situation becomes even worse when state also becomes complicit and fails to do justice or worse,favors one group over other.We have ample examples from near and far where the diversity induced conflicts have threatened the social fabric of nation states – nearer home,in Srilanka ,ethnic minorities due to oppression at the hands of majority,resorted to reprisal and the civil war so caused perished thousands and rendered millions homeless, putting national security in peril.Arab Spring can also be traced to the same.Autocratic powers looking to suppress dissent (regional and due to the presence of various sects ) through violent means has engulfed the whole region into conflict.Majority of the African continent is also unstable due to this very fact.

    So,how can diversity and unity co-exist ?

    Any diverse society is bound to have differences vis-as-vis faith,beliefs,ideas,cultural practices,opinion among others.What is required is to have institutional mechanisms which uphold rights of individuals (specially minority),safeguard
    varied interests and check authoritarianism.In our country ,we not only have constitutionally enshrined values of fraternity,justice,equality and secularism but also a vibrant democracy.The latter allows an individual /group to espouse
    his/their grievances/views in the spirit of democracy.Various views are intently listened to,appropriately debated,thoroughly discussed and even ,at times,mildly or strongly contested but all with-in the constitutional limits to
    arrive at a just ,fair and equitable solution.An independent judiciary acts as a guardian to uphold rule of law and protector of fundamental rights of citizens. Imbibed societal values of tolerance,brotherhood,respect only strengthen the process of consultation and consensus stitching different sheds of opinion together ,thus serving the cause of national unity and integrity.

    Diversity leading to conflict – a recipe for disaster :

    The very diversity we talked of earlier,if not suitably respected and given proper space and platform to express its interests and secure them too,will lead to conflicts in society.If a group feels that its interests are either suppressed or have been completely ignored to give way to others’ interests and there are not peaceful working mechanism available before
    it,it will have no choice but to resort of violent means to either press for its demands or worse,snatch them away,setting a commotion in the whole society. Naxalite movements nearer home can be taken as a manifestation of the same .Separatists
    and secessionist movement related conflict in North East India have their origin in the same phenomenon. Often authoritative and even majoritarianism rule spreads fear among citizens belonging to different groups (specially
    minorities).Fleeing away of Rohingya Muslims (ethnic minority) in Myanmar and minority Uighur Muslims in China pitting themselves against majority Han Chinese is a case in point. All such conflicts have common linkages – diversity induced conflicts and casualty is national unity.

    Recently, we have also seen diminishing values of tolerance, assimilation and respect for diversity in India. A few vested interests have tried to impose their views on food habits, cultural practices, women status etc over others disrespecting the
    very diversity this great country has stood for. Writers and intellectuals are either facing threats or being silenced, people
    are being lynched for eating beef, girls are being assaulted for roaming around with boys or wearing certain ‘dress’,
    educational curriculum being changed to dominantly profess a particular view etc .

    Again, is it wrong to believe in something ? Certainly not. But, what is not right is not to respect others rights ,their views, their faiths. And, such tendencies are not without their consequences. On one hand, they have stifled dissent, discussion
    and debate – core of democracy, on the other led to a situation where communal polarization is widely seen and societal fiber is at the risk. Such a situation not only give rise to internal conflicts with-in the society in the form of riots,arson,
    murders, attacks but also provide an opportune time to external powers inimical to India’s interests .They capitalize on such opportunities to destabilize the nation. Thus, the differences give way to conflicts ,finally endangering national unity.

    Then,what is the way out :

    The solution seems to be multi-dimensional. Firstly, various sections should find legitimate ways to express their concerns and further their interests with –in acceptable limits of law. Secondly, consultation and not confrontation is the key. Wherever,
    there are differences of opinions as they will be in a pluralistic society, consultative channels should be opened up with all the stakeholders and consensus should be evolved. Thirdly, critical tests and scientific enquiry should be the touchstone on which various beliefs/views are put to. Forth, the extreme elements with hyper violent tendencies should be appropriately restrained by the state. And lastly, various institutional mechanisms including judiciary should work to uphold the unity of the country.

    Thus, if we continue to assimilate the differences (caste,religion,language,region,ethnic,race etc) in our society and give space to and respect each-other’s view just like Voltair has emphasized on in the opening
    statement, we will truly be successful in using the very diversity ,which has threatened the existence of societies across globe, for the cause of our national unity .As Gandhi only summed it up perfectly when he said – Respecting other’s religion as one’s own not only lessens hatred but also increases solidarity among the followers of various faiths. If so, we will truly be able to realize – United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Not surprisingly, India has done so in the past and will certainly do so ,in future too.

    • Amit

      Babaji and friends…pls review and be really harsh in criticism.It is better to face it now and correct the problems than repeating the errors in exam hall.

    • mypursuit

      Your approach to the essay is really nice ..though on the content part, we can take points from mani’s essay as she has given many examples in a succint manner..please review my essay as well..

    • Amit,

      Good attempt. But it looks more like an FAQ on diversity :). Structuring can be corrected. For eg after “why do we need diversity?” and ” diversity leading to conflict” , all of a sudden you have given example of India. Then later again you are talking about diversity and conflict. The essay should have a flow. One para should lead to another seamlessly.

      Keep writing. You have good control over language. Rest will fall in place with practice 🙂

      • Amit

        Thank you babaji. Yes,practice is the key.I will work on to make my next attempt much better than this one.Thank you again.

  • anvit

    Approach :
    Disclaimer : This is my first essay (ever) and that too in 1 hour span, I finally pushed myself to write the most dreaded part ;
    Should I stop preparation or there is some hope at the end of the tunnel

    • Amit

      Your approach is nice – multi dimensional.However difficult it may look Anvit,we need to take the bull by the horns.

    • Anvit, as an examiner I was done reading your essay mid-way. I then jumped to how you ended your essay, merely glancing over the the remaining parts. Imagine what a real examiner would do. You have talked mostly about India. But there could have been so many ‘general’ dimensions. India should have been just an example as you yourself mentioned in the intro.

      One more thing I noticed – definition of diversity can be improved. That car, SUV example isn’t that solid. If you’ve taken the call to define something, you better do it good :). Else the examiner forms an impression therein.

      All in all, a nice attempt. Can be improved. Best of luck

      • anvit

        Thanks for reviewing……I ll write more essays and more thinking before writing…….

  • anvit
  • mypursuit

    Though i am late, it would be really helpful if you can review my essay babaji and friends..

    • Good flow and use of keywords—add few more dimension
      some paraphrasing should be avoided…example must not be overstretched
      work on intro and conclusion–for Intro read Bhavana’s essay

      • mypursuit

        Yeah..i read other essays and realised how could have made it more concise..will surely inculcate these views next time..thanku for ur comments..:)

    • Amit

      flow is fine and language is also good .I agree with cosviny.At a few places,it looks like little overdone.Also,probably a look into intro should have informed the reader what to expect next.We can practice more and overcome such things.But,overall,it was a nice read. Pls keep reviewing and writing:)

      • mypursuit

        Thanku amit for ur inputs..will do that nxt time onwards..itll come up with more practice..:)

  • Bhavana H S

    Friends and Babaji, Kindly review, Time taken 45 minutes, time taken for outline/ summary -15 minutes. Total time 1 hour. Number of words- 850-900. Written on Topic 3- Unity in diversity does not mean not having differences but it means not having conflicts. @disqus_hHMwSz0589:disqus , @cosviny:disqus

    • Bhavana H S

      I really dont know why the pages are not in order, I did upload them in order.

      • Bhavana ! u have a good flow of language but structure is bit less sound
        Multidimensionality of content can better
        Body system was a good example–

        • Bhavana H S

          Thanks, yes will work on the structure and content.

    • Bhavana, you have NO reason to fear essays! You have written a very good one here. My only glitch, even you (like other) have by and restricted yourself to India. But you’ve done that part good atleast. But there are general themes that can be picked up eg – diversity and strength , diversity and conflict , functions of diversity etc and here India can be used as an example along with others. Like you used Russian disintegration example. It’ll make your essay even more wholesome and give the examiner a thinking that you actually have a “broad thinking” . Keep it up

      • Bhavana H S

        Thanks a lot, you made me all the more confident. I will try to read more essays and improve my writing. Thanks again Babaji.

  • anvit
  • nk

    @iasbaba:disqus your essay gave me goosebumps, not kidding 🙂

    • Thank you NK for appreciation.

  • Smriti Karn

    Great piece of writing !!

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