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  • December 21, 2015
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Life – It’s all about You

You are the one who is responsible for your success and failure. There is nobody else but you who is the root cause of all your actions, reactions and their consequences. Your life is your own making. The society, the environment and the people in it are just reflections of your desires. You are the only true designer of your destiny. Sounds a little too farfetched? Read along.

A self thinking individual is at the center of all actions. How he thinks, understands, interprets and gives meaning to different happenings around him determines his path and way of life. However hopeless one’s situation might seem to be, since it is his own making, he can change it.

Self is both the seed of destruction and the seed of immense possibilities. Very few people understand the immensity and grandness of the individual self. A single individual capable of independent thinking can almost achieve anything, provided he understands himself fully.

Very few people spend the necessary time understanding themselves. Not understanding enough about yourself is the root of all your misery. The lesser you understand yourself; the more likely it is that you constantly blame the external environment and people in it for your suffering.

Just reflect on this for a moment, how often do you complain about the state of the country, society, people, their mindsets, habits etc. Can you think of a single day that you have spent without complaining about anything?

When disturbed or agitated you rarely take a moment to pause and think; how much am I responsible for my current predicament? How much of all this misery is my own making? May be something needs to change in the way I am looking at this situation and the world. Maybe something needs to change within me.

The moment you start looking inward for your answers, surprisingly everything becomes marvelously simple and easy to understand. Instead of blaming the external environment for your failures, you will start making the necessary changes within you that will put you on the path of self enquiry and learning.

First and the most important shift that has to happen within you is to realize that there is nothing external that is responsible for your present condition. You are the sole creator of your misery as well as your destiny. There is nothing else out there but you. This might of course seem too egoistical statement. But reflect on it, there is more truth to it than you think.

Just spend one whole day to observe yourself. Literally watch every single action, thought process and behavior of yours. Carefully observe everything you do during the course of a single day. Watch every step, every breath, and every emotion of yours. You will arrive at a marvelous conclusion at the end of the day.

By observing yourself carefully, you will realize that you are an ocean of thought process, containing the whole world in your consciousness. The most important factor that is deciding the course of your life is the way you are interpreting your internal thought process. Through your thoughts and emotions, you are literally shaping the course of your future.

Observe yourself enough and you will notice that every single positive thought of yours is getting you a little closer to where you want to go and every single negative thought of yours is taking you away from it. The key to choosing and attaining the life you want is to first begin by observing yourself, then by making the necessary changes that will take you in the desired direction.

For the one who has learnt the art of observing himself, there are no external factors deciding or acting upon his life. He knows that even the seemingly external factors are first interpreted by him internally; hence everything is passing through his own thought process. The better you understand this internal thought process, the better you will be able to understand your life’s journey.

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