The Big Picture – Sanction against Iran ends: Impact on India and the World

  • January 23, 2016
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The Big Picture- RSTV
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Sanction against Iran ends: Impact on India and the World

  • Recently the various sanctions imposed by world community on Iran have been lifted making the event, one of the historic moments of 21st Having opening the gates of Iran to trade with the rest of the world it opens up many possibilities for Iran and also for the rest of the world in terms of trade and solving issues that are important in the region.

Impact on India and world:

  • The opening up of sanctions has opened new phase in Iran-US relations, The initiation of showcasing good will gestures by both US and Iran like Exchange of prisoners, Withdrawal of case in International tribunals, has definitely put the relations on firm footing.
  • Iran can now play a significant role in resolving Syrian issue through active involvement in Geneva peace process, which Iran earlier opposed by European union and US.
  • Now with lifting of trade sanctions Individual firms in Iran are free to trade with rest of the world however there are sanctions related to Human rights violations, Testing of ballistic missiles and terrorism existing.
  • With respect to India oil prices are likely to come down and India will repay balance of 65 billion dollars which was pending earlier.
  • Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline will gain momentum and start making progress. This is the biggest fallout of lifting of sanctions which India will hugely benefit.
  • Access and Trade with central Asia is likely to pick up with development and operation of Chabahar port, this is likely to have strategic fallout in the region.
  • Lastly, now with more stable Iran, It can play a very important role in resolving the Middle East crisis and work towards creating peace in the region.

Mains question:

Q.1) “With recent opening up of sanctions,Iran is likely to emerge as a one of the most prominent player in the region” Analyse this impact on India and world in brief (150 words)

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