UPSC INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (1) 2015-16: Alka Sirohi Board

  • IASbaba
  • March 12, 2016
  • 31
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Hello Friends

We are glad to share the interview transcript of a fellow aspirant. We will try our best to share such transcripts as and when available. It will be helpful for your preparation.

Thank You

Name- Anonymous 

Board: Alka Sirohi

Hobby : numismatics, playing cricket

Optional : Anthropology

B.Tech (IT)


OVERALL EXPERIENCE: 3 Lady members in the Board and 2 men.

Overall Alka mam was smiling throughout the interview and gave many hints when I was unable to give answer . Cordial atmosphere. All questions are not in sequence but that is what I remembered .


  1. What are you doing since 2012..
  2. Ohk you are completely dedicated towards civil services only. So can you relate Arjun ( Mahabharata) with yourself.
  3. Difference between t-20 cricket and test match
  4. What is term used for day and night matches . she actually said some term and asked me what is this. then tell me it is day and night match
  5. Call drop debate.

1st Member (lady member)

  1. virtual classroom
  2. there is one village in India which has no existence. even not on the map of India. As an administrator how will you ensure to bring this village and people in the mainstream?
  1. As an administrator in which area (under which deptt) do you want to work?


2nd Member

  1. You are having anthropology as your optional. tell me human evolution from homo erectus to current human being( asking fact i.e how many millions years ago)
  2. When agriculture was introduced by them (I answered but he was not satisfied and told me to brush up this facts)
  1. Tell me in brief the issue going on in west Asia? how many countries do we have in west Asia
  2. Do you know about the isreal-palestine issue. tell me this
  3. What are your views about TERROSRISM at global level.
  4. Earlier RUSSIA was known by which term and how many countries it had in that bloc.


Alka mam

  • Tell me now Russian bloc is known by which name and when I was thinking she gave me hint that it starts with 3rd letter of English
  • IS there any interest of India in west Asia?


3rd ( lady member)

  1. You participated in SVEEP program. what is this?
  2. Name other constitutional bodies.
  3. What are the current issues regarding panchayati raj institutions. Are they working well?. give your opinion
  4. Is economic constraints are the factor for low performance of these sector
  5. And how will u ensure the service delivery to the people .
  6. Your Hobby is Numismatics. tell me about this and what special coins do u had which make them special



  • What are Rare coins and how will you describe that this coin is rare or not.
  • Judicial activism and role played by judiciary.

4th member

  1. So what’s special today in cricket.
  2. What about the today’s matches. which team going to play their match
  3. What is the recent controversy regarding India Pakistan match
  4. Where this match is scheduled

Alka mam interrupt and asked me where is this stadium?

  1. Iran nuclear deal, its benefit to Iran economy and how India see this deal


Last question chairman

If u want to give education to one member in a family. who it gonna be and why?

u may go now..

wish all of them happy women’ day and left the room..




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