OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: UPSC declares Civil Services Examination 2015 FINAL RESULT

  • IASbaba
  • May 10, 2016
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UPSC has announced the final results today. Following is the list of Successful Candidates who made it into the coveted list for the year 2015.

Congratulations to all the Successful Candidates.

Check your result here- Click 


For all those who have cleared the exam this year and those who could not, please make sure that you read the article below.


Hello Friends, 

Finally the wait is over! And you made it in the final list. Wow. Many many congratulations from IASbaba. Its the sheer hard work and perseverance that has paid off today. You deserve every credit of being in the list of successful candidates. This is the moment of pride for you and your family. Live the moment and share your happiness with your family and friends.

Remember, this is just a beginning of a bigger world you are going to enter. So be cautious. This should not be the end of your dreams and goals. Life will throw multiple challenges from now onward. Equip yourself in a better manner and set a higher goal and target.

Remember the journey of your preparation, the oaths and determination with which you prepared, the obstacles you overcame to achieve this and most importantly the intention with which you fought till now. Your real challenge starts from today. Do not get dozed in the light of success. It will be you and you everywhere but to maintaining your identity and not getting lost among others depends on your charisma to carry out the work you intend to.

You are in the league of most coveted officers of our nation. Make us proud! 🙂

Those who couldn’t make it into the final list!

The result must have been a shocker to most of you. Even after multiple refresh and cross checks, your name is not there 🙁

This is a harsh reality and there is no escape from it. We know, how difficult it is to digest the fact that, you were so close and suddenly out of the race. But my dear friend, life is like that. For a small space, you were fighting hard and your valor brought you this close. Think about those whom you defeated in the past. That moment, your happiness was the reason for someones agony. The fighter inside you have become better now.

Crave to persist in the battle is like burning yourself in the consuming fire and being born again from the ashes, better than before and you have become a better person now!

We share equal pain as you do. We are equally disappointed but we won’t let you down in life. Life is greater than this.

We also know that there are many for whom it was the last attempt and they could not make it. Congratulations!! You are now free from the cycle of UPSC. You can achieve even better in your life. Believe us on that. Your potential must have suited any other field and unluckily you stumbled upon UPSC. Doesn’t matter! Now you can try your hands in whatever you want. Sky is the limit for you. You can hone your skills and become the best photographer of India or you can work with your friends to establish the start up you always aspired for. You can guide others or you can teach. You can go for higher learning or you can join an NGO (or even establish one). You can join politics or go to Mumbai to fulfill your Bollywood dreams. The crux of the matter is you have only lost a moment of joy that UPSC could have given you. In a life of normal expectancy of 70 years, this moment is an iota of significance. Shed all your sadness and embark on the journey you always wanted to complete. Mark our words today- one day you will look back and thank Almighty that your potential was not constrained by UPSC. At that point, remember what we had told you!

We assure you of our support, love and wishes.

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