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  • IASbaba
  • June 14, 2016
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Attitude of Service


There are innumerable ways, in which one can make a living, but there is only one way to experience the depth of life to know what it can offer; it is by cultivating an attitude of service. There is nothing out there that can fulfill your soul more completely than service.

Service is an act of giving without the expectation of receiving. It is the highest form of self-purification. The one who knows how to serve can easily transcend the pain and suffering of day to day living.

Think about it; how much of your suffering is because of an expectation that is not fulfilled. How many times have you cursed or complained about the unfairness of life. How much you have suffered reflecting on what life has not given you and how it has treated you unfairly.

Almost all your suffering is because of an expectation of reward. You believe without any doubt that you deserve more than what you are getting; and when you don’t get what you think you should get, there is immense pain and suffering.

Service brings in a completely different sense of understanding of effort and reward. Service tells you to just put in the effort without expecting any reward. Reward is simply a bonus; great if it comes, and nothing to lose if it doesn’t.

Service elevates a childish mind that is expecting reward for each and every action to a mature and balanced state. It disconnects ones unnecessary attachment to effort and reward. Just knowing and believing that every single act of yours is a service, frees you from the burden of its rewards, or the lack of it.

A mind that knows how to serve can find love and connection more easily than a mind that is constantly looking for rewards. Balancing relationships, managing conversations, deriving happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction, all depends on your level of understanding of this one simple word; service.

Life can become a celebration if at all you can serve. Our current political, economic and social system somehow has missed to understand the importance and impact of a serving mind. Very little effort is going into cultivating the attitude of service in youngsters. Very few even talk about it. How can we build a nation with just the attitude of give and take?

Service always adds a little more than what it takes; it always leaves a positive residue after all the effort of action. Begin by performing a few simple acts of service every day. A kind word, a helping hand, a supportive gesture, a selfless act, goes a long way in making your life more colorful. Only serving will reveal the abundance that is hidden within you.

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