Very Important: Nitin Sangwan, AIR 28 CSE 2015- HIGH QUALITY NOTES

Hello Friends

Nitin Sangwan, AIR 28, CSE 2015 has shared his notes for the larger benefit of aspirants community.

Nitin Sangwan


Here is the Link to his BLOG-  Click Here

He has also shared his Interview Transcript on the blog itself. Go through it properly and take the maximum benefit of it.

We wish Nitin a very good luck for future 🙂 

  • CSE2017 aspirant (ABG)

    Thank you sir 🙂

  • Karthik_(KK)

    Thank you team n Nitin sir??

  • Yaswanth Reddy


  • Abhijeet upadhyay

    thanks you babaji for proving me such a finest notes especially content which is very useful for prelim perspective

  • Durgarao..

    Thanks Nitin for the notes. And all the best for your future
    Thanks babaji

  • sukriya nitin baba

  • Chinnu

    Loved the culture material.. Great source to read 🙂

  • Manjeet Keshav

    gazab notes

  • nks01

    thank you baba:)…n congo sir:)

  • priyabrata swain

    ias baba ,you had said that you will provide material ( such as polity – laxmikant ,,. etc) in your advertising video . are you really going to provide or aspirants should buy it ?

    • Hi

      We mentioned about Value Add Notes from our side

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    • Sujay Kumar

      it helped me a lot..thanks 🙂

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