Completion of Prelims 60 Days Program: Thank You Note & Suggestions!

  • IASbaba
  • July 25, 2016
  • 85
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Hello Friends

Its been an awesome journey in the last two months. We at IASbaba want to thank you all for the dedication and commitment with which you participated.

Now that Prelims is approaching, we request you to revise every single concept and spend most of your time in consolidating the learning. The best way is to revise, revise and revise!

We also want to thank you for the patience and trust that were bestowed upon, at times we were struggling to clarify the doubts or not been able to respond to certain queries.

To compensate, we are coming up with the rest of clarifications and compilations very soon 🙂 

With our experience and personal engagement with many of you, it is very clear that many who have followed our initiatives from ILP Tests to 60 days Tests, will surely clear Prelims. ­­

Nothing more than a calm mind would matter to clear this exam; as you cannot afford to lose out on it after a year of hard work and dedication. Yes, you heard it right ! Nothing matters if you lose confidence.

Our second mock will be in that direction! Prepping you for Prelims at the same time giving you the required confidence.

Promise us, you won’t fail to maintain your cool, your confidence, your dedication, your energy, your commitment and will never let your efforts go in vain.

IASbaba is deeply connected with all of you. And in no way possible, would we want you to succumb to this pressure and not do well.  But only your promise holds the power to becoming the threshold of your dreams and our efforts- to do the talk.

All the very best


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