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  • July 24, 2016
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Staying Motivated

Human mind is not a watch that keeps on ticking once you wind it and leave. It needs continuous motivation and support to function to the best of its abilities. Motivation is not a one time or a once in a day phenomenon; if you cannot motivate yourself every second and every moment then you are not motivated.

This is where a few are separated from the many. Rare are those individuals who can constantly keep motivating themselves in order to move towards a desired goal. Successful people know that the greatest differentiating factor in people is their ability to motivate themselves from any situation.

Motivation, as the word itself suggests, is a motive that can keep you going. Motivation is that single most important reason for why you act; it is the fundamental reason for action. Motivation is not just about feeling energetic and enthusiastic about completing a task. Motivation is more than enthusiasm; it is more than desire and passion.

Motivation is a commitment to a vision. You have seen something in your mind’s eye and it feels great to be a part of that reality; so you start moving in that direction. Motivation is knowing how to see that vision again and again, till it becomes an inseparable reality. Put it another way, motivation is seeing the vision so clearly that you are automatically compelled to move in that direction.

In fact the only test of motivation is when you don’t need any. The desire to move in a certain direction is so strong that you don’t need any motivation. Think about it, how often you have tried to motivate yourself to go to a restaurant, to go to a movie, or to go to sleep! Real motivation doesn’t show, it is more like an underlying current that keeps pushing you along to do certain things.

Recognizing your inner drive and getting the necessary clarity on your vision is the only thing that can motivate you. All other forms of motivation are temporary and hence useless. This is the reason why it is almost impossible to motivate a person without first clearly showing the vision of what he is trying to accomplish.

So in a way motivation is pretty simple. Every day, every hour and every moment you have to ignite the inner vision of what you want to accomplish and become. The more you do this the more you are motivated. Again, there is no such thing as de-motivation; you are always motivated; the question is are you motivated to accomplish that one single most important goal of yours, or are you motivated to do anything and everything, hence lacking focus.

You might have a desire to do a lot of things, but you can be truly motivated about only one thing. That is how you know if you are being distracted by your desires or are you driven by your motivation. See the vision again and again and again, that is all the motivation you will ever need. Become the person you are already meant to be. See it so clearly that you will never have to worry about motivating yourself.

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