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  • July 31, 2016
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Being Here and Now

There is so much of constant talk about dreaming, achieving, planning, preparing, learning and doing so many things to attain something in the future; it is very easy to forget that in order to achieve anything in life, you have to first be here and now.

If you do not learn the importance of being here and now; if you don’t know how to be in the present moment to handle life’s obstacles and challenges, you will never be able to use the abilities you possess when you need them the most. A mind that is constantly moving around, that has not settled in the present moment can achieve very little.

Think about this; can you breathe for yesterday or tomorrow; can you take more breaths today to compensate for not taking enough breaths yesterday. You are in control of only this present moment in which you can take only one breath at a time. That is all there is to achieve anything; one breath at a time.

To forget being in the present moment is to forget your true potential and also to forget all your creative abilities. One of the fundamental features of creativity is spontaneity, which comes only by being in the present moment. Only the present moment can lend you the platform needed for your thought and action to come together.

All your preparation and effort is in vain if you don’t know how to settle, be relaxed and focus on being here and now. Present is the only cup in which you can mix the knowledge, experience and wisdom of the past with the desires, aspirations and vision of the future. If you don’t know how to be here, you cannot put things together.

Everything is changing constantly. Life is more like a jig saw puzzle on water. It is constantly throwing you new challenges which can only be faced in the present moment. If you are not in the present moment, then you are constantly struggling to understand life because you are trying to solve yesterday’s puzzle today!

Responding moment to moment to the ever changing colors of life is being creative, is being spontaneous, is being alert, is being aware and is being alive. Take away the moment, and life simply becomes an unending battle with the problems of tomorrow. In the moment unfolds the beauty and magic of life; in the moment is courage and strength; in the moment is clarity and certainty. If you have a choice to be anywhere, be here and now.

And don’t forget that only in the present moment you exist. When you are lost in the past and future, you are lost in a dream. Not being here and now is as good as being asleep. You cannot face your challenges while asleep. Waking up is a process of acknowledging the tremendous importance of learning how to be here and now.

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