MOTIVATION: Grand Success Story of 4 Siblings!

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  • August 17, 2016
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Hello Friends,


Civil Services is a dream of millions in our country. For many, even appearing in the exam becomes improbable owing to plethora of constraints while many others who are fortunate enough to appear are chasing the sacred final result list. However, today we present a story of 4 siblings who made it to civil services in recent times.

We are proud that Yogesh Mishra Sir has been following and appreciating IASbaba’s  good work and decided to share their story with us so that aspirants can get inspired by this extraordinary achievement.


Eldest among them all is Kshama Mishra .She did her graduation and Post graduation in Hindi literature before writing this exam. She started preparation when there was no CSAT in prelims and no ETHICS paper in mains. There used to be two optional subjects back then. She was the first one to write exam and after failure in few initial attempts, abandoned UPSC exams and focused on state civil services exam. Eventually she met success there and was selected as Dy SP in 2015. By this time, her younger sister Madhvi Mishra and younger brother Yogesh Mishra were already selected in Civil Services. Motivated by their success and boosted by her own selection in State PCS exam, she decided to write CSE 2015 after a long break. She was quick to gain rhythm and finally secured AIR 172 in CSE 2015 and was allocated IPS as service. She acknowledges the guidance given by brother Yogesh and support from family; else, she admits, it is very difficult to get selected at the end of age limit and attempt limit spectrum. She stands as a shining example of dedication.



At second spot comes Yogesh Mishra. Not the first one to write this exam, he was first one to qualify though. Interestingly, he never saw civil services as career and was happy writing computer programs in his role of software engineer at CSC Noida. He did graduation in computer science and engineering (another CSE) from MNNIT Allahabad and joined corporate job as software engineer. Years later, he developed a keen interest in this exam and wrote CSE 2013 and was allocated IOFS (Indian Ordinance Factory Service). All other siblings accept that it was Yogesh who devised the method for systematic preparation of CSE, prepared notes for common subjects in prelims and mains exam and guided them through each step of this exam. He also feels satisfaction for having contributed to success of siblings and that too after such a risky decision of resigning his job and writing CSE himself in 2013.



Madhvi Mishra is 3rd among the siblings and arguably the best in knowledge. She did her graduation and Post graduation  in economics and then enrolled for research work in economics at JNU, New Delhi. There she started thinking about civil services but major breakthrough came when brother Yogesh cleared prelims in CSE 2013. Rather than directly jumping into vast ocean of CSE, she decided to write IES2014 (Indian Economic Service) and got AIR 7. By this time, her brother has cleared CSE 2013 and she was ready to take CSE 2014 along with her training in IES. She concluded the exam in one go with AIR 62 and got Jharkhand cadre as an IAS officer. Presently, she is in district training in Dhanbad district of Jharkhand. She is overwhelming in appreciating the skills of brother Yogesh and admits that he helped her at each and every step of exam. He told her how the writing in CSE is different from writing in academics and how to present oneself distinctly than other candidates in the interview board.



The youngest among the siblings, Lokesh Mishra is most recent member of this family to join services. Besides, he has done it in best manner securing AIR 44 in CSE 2015. Sharp mind from the onset, he graduated in Chemical Engineering from IIT-Delhi and joined Chambal Chemical and fertilizers in Kota as Manager.


Persuaded by siblings, he decided to first write State PCS exam in 2014 with Sociology as one optional subject because his brother has already made notes sociology notes for CSE. He qualified that exam in first attempt and got BDO (Block Development Officer) as service. By this time, he was ready to take CSE 2015 along with his training in provincial services. He has now got Bihar cadre as IAS officer and soon to join at LBSNAA. He echoes the words of his sisters and gives full credit to brother Yogesh.

Among all of them, each one who ever qualified prelims exam landed in the final result list. There seems to be a common pattern in their preparation. Yogesh agrees but also points out that there might be other successful patterns also unknown to four of them. It  also establishes that success in this exam is unlike shooting in the dark and with proper methods , chances of selection can be increased.

Among millions of dreams of civil services,many are bound to remain unfulfilled because of fixed number of seats. However, the deserving candidates ought to realise their dream by choosing proper course of action.





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