TLP 2016 – Mini Test I

  • IASbaba
  • September 3, 2016
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IASbaba's Think Learn Perform 2016, IASbaba's TLP - 2016, Think Learn Perform (TLP)- 2016
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TLP 2016 – Mini Test I


1. “The industrialisation of Western Europe and the de-industrialisation of Asia during the 19th century were two sides of the same coin.” Examine.

2. The first World War caused a major shift in the balance of power in international politics and brought several geo-political transformations. Examine.

3. Bring out the context in which Russia invaded Afghanistan in 1979. What were its consequences?

4. What was the significance of the construction of the Berlin Wall? How did it come to be destroyed? What were the consequences of its construction and destruction later?

5. World War I was a turning point for the Indian national movement. Do you agree? Examine.

6. Although both shared the goal of an independent India, Gandhi and Bose were divided over the strategy to achieve Indian independence, and to some degree the form which the post-independence state should take. Examine.

7. Places like Cherrapunji and Mawsynram receive highest amounts of rainfall in the world. Discuss the geographical factors behind this phenomena.

8. Discuss the role of Tibetan plateau in shaping the climate of the Indian subcontinent.

9. Which regions of the world have conditions favorable for lumbering? Why lumbering in the tropical regions is a difficult activity? Discuss.

10. Rare earth metals were in news in recent years? Why? What are the applications of this limited resource? Which parts of the world have substantial deposits of rare earth metals?


Note: No separate links will be provided for answering the questions. All questions can be answered on the same page.

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