• IASbaba
  • September 16, 2016
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IASbaba's Think Learn Perform 2016, IASbaba's TLP - 2016
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1. The Expansion of British Empire is Accidental or Planned? Critically Examine. (15 marks,250 words)

2. Enumerate the causes for the failure of the French and the success of English in India? (10 Marks, 200 words)


3. What were the causes of decline of Portuguese power in India? (10 marks, 200 words)

4. Explain the causes and consequences of the first Carnatic War? (10 marks, 200 words)

5. How did the Battle of Plassey pave the way for the conquest of India by the English? (15 marks, 250 words)

6. Write a note on the dual system of government introduced by Robert Clive in Bengal? (10 marks, 200 words)

7. The Battle of Buxar confirmed the position of company as the new prominent power which was unchangeable. Comment. (15 Marks, 300 words)


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