• September 24, 2016
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IASbaba's Think Learn Perform 2016, IASbaba's TLP - 2016
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1. One of the earliest and Most significant uprising was the Rangapur insurgency of 1783 that intersected with the Sannyasi and Fakir uprising,which were fulled by different causes but which nonetheless epitomized  the breakdown of an older moral and political economy. Comment (10M,200W)

2. The revolt of 1857 seemed to call the very presence of the British into Questions. What it didn’t do was reverse these changes. Examine(15M,300W)

3. Examine how  revolt of 1857 lead to the manifold changes in British civil and military administration of India. (10M,200W)

4. “The tribal and peasant rebellion rebellion laid the foundation of of the revolt of 1857.” Comment. (15M,300W)

5. The annexation of Awadh was the one of the reason of the revolt as it was proof of untrustworthy of British which shook the loyalty of the Sepoy’s. Comment (15M,300W)

6. “Tribal revolt was far more violent than the any other community in India”. Elaborate (10M, 200W)

7. Why did mutinous Sepoys in many places turn to erstwhile rulers to provide leadership to the revolt.(10M,200W)

8. What steps did the British take to quell the uprising?(10M,200W)

9. Why was the revolt particularly widespread in Awadh?What prompted the peasants, taluqdars and  Zamindars to join the revolt? (15M,300W)


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