Attention MAINS 2016: The Fate of a Race is Decided by Your Last Lap!

  • IASbaba
  • October 28, 2016
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IASbaba's Think Learn Perform 2016, IASbaba's TLP - 2016
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Hello Friends

Its been long we wrote something to charge you up 🙂

In between we had some technical issue with respect to comment section which is resolved.

Keeping in mind the time you have for upcoming Mains starting in December, we thought to share some points for you to ponder.


There are two conditions which lead to a disastrous result-


Condition I, The state of overconfidence – this has happened with many of you who have stopped writing the answers after getting some good reviews, thinking that you are now adept at the art of writing and can nail the exam at your whims and fancies.

Friends in order to keep cutting the tree at the same rate, you need to constantly keep sharpening the blade of your axe. If the blade is not sharp, however brilliant woodcutter you are, you cannot perform within the required time. 

Same is the case with answer writing. You need to constantly practice in order to keep the momentum. Once that momentum is broken, it will become very difficult for you to get into the grove before the actual exam. And believe it or not, Civil Services Mains is all about your answer writing skills. Your knowledge won’t count if you are not able to express it in a crisp, straightforward and concise manner. There are many encyclopedias who have been rejected by the UPSC!!

So do not overestimate your capabilities. Remember that your competitors are working really hard.


Condition II, the state of despair – this is the state when you feel that the battle is lost. Now you cannot go even one step further. Despite trying hard you feel that there is no improvement in your performance. Your answers are being criticized and everyone else appears to have more knowledge than you. There is no point in this futile comparison. The only thing that matters is how you perform in the examination hall on the D-Day.

If you don’t have faith in yourself, why will UPSC show faith in you?

The last lap is the most difficult and many give up just before the finish line without realizing that they were just one step away from the success.

Get up everyone, shed your lethargy, shed your pessimism or in some case over optimism, unsheathe your pens and start writing. And keep on answering questions till you get a rank in Civil Services Examination- 2016.


Quality of TLP Questions:

You might have observed that our questions are designed to give you a proper examination feel as far as the quality of question is concerned. Usually it takes more than an hour to research and frame the question. According to the syllabus, we go back to the previous year papers and see which questions have already been asked from the same topic to avoid repetition. Then we check which issues have been there in current affairs from the same topic so that the questions are framed from the most relevant topics. This will definitely increase the hit ratio in CSM exam.

If you are writing answers on TLP, you can be sure that most of the questions that you will encounter in the exam, would have already been attempted by you in one way or the other. Peer review and review from our team will give you an idea whether you were able to do justice with the questions or not. And finally you can go through the synopsis to complete your notes.

Posting your answers is equally important. In order to know the difference between different shades of the same colour, you need to keep them together. Otherwise they will all look the same. Similarly, when you post an answer on the site, it gives you the opportunity as well as to others to compare the answers right there. This way you will be able to segregate the better from the good, and see in what spectrum you are lying.  Moreover most of the times it requires someone else to exactly judge us and tell where we are lacking and on what aspect should we work more. This can never happen if you are lazy to post your answer.


Reviews and Synopsis:

Many of you must have been wondering why there has been an irregularity in posting the synopsis on TLP. 

Many of you have also said that since we have started our offline initiatives, we have left you in the middle of your journey.

We want to assure you that IASbaba is because of you. It’s your faith that keeps us going. You are an integral part of the IASbaba family and you will always be. Yes, people who are closest to us have the right to criticize and we respect their views. We would like to remind you that we are known for our quality and regularity and we will never compromise on that.

The reason as to why there have been delays in posting the synopsis is the health issues with some of your BABAs. As the whole country is in the grip of Dengue and Chikungunya, we were not left untouched. We also did not want to assign this critical work to someone who does not deserve it. So we were waiting for their recovery. Thankfully, everything is fine now and is in order. You might have observed that our reviews have started on all the five questions now. And all the missed synopsis are being updated, and further, they will be posted regularly so that you don’t have to wait.

All those who have shown faith in us, we are extremely thankful to them. And we promise that we will work equally hard to help you achieve your goal. Your success is our success.

If you think that we are deserving enough to be your GURUs, then we want our GURUdakshina.

Our Guru Dakshina is your performance and your promise that you will be regular with your efforts and will never let your motivation down till you reach the finish line.

Promise us about your sincerity in the comments below!!

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