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  • October 2, 2016
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This picture describes a man with angry mood.

Emotion & Success:

How often have you heard that a person who is emotionally unstable has reached the peak of success and fulfilment in life? There has been no instance, not even a fluke of nature that has succeeded without possessing a balanced emotional state.

Very few people mention or talk about the enormous importance of possessing a balanced state of mind in order to reach any goal. Success is not excitement, it is not a passion, it is not even hard work; success is a prolonged emotional struggle to reach to a certain goal. Succeeding in conquering your emotions ensures success in everything else. In fact there is no other form of success, other than understanding and mastering your own emotions.

Be it martial arts, music, dance, education, relationships, sports or any other field; mastering one’s emotions is the greatest of challenges and the one who conquers it will eventually taste success. The professions we choose are simply a matter of social conditioning; how we apply our emotions to what we have chosen to do is what determines whether we succeed or fail.

More often than not we don’t have a choice of what to do; but almost always we have a choice of how to do. How we approach a task is where one individual gets separated. This is where the understanding and strength of your emotions come into picture.

So what is this emotion? Emotion is your response to failure; it is your response to set back; it is your response to rejection; it is your response to mistakes; it is your response to deceive and deception; emotion is how you respond to a thousand and one obstacles that are thrown in your path.

You are what you have overcome in life. The emotional strength you have built over a long period of rejection and ridicule that has forged your character and spirit is your only identity. Scratch the surface of a human soul and what you will find is emotion. Emotion is the true identity of an individual.

Emotion is what you hide from the world and your emotion is what you will eventually reach to. All our destinations are simply the emotional state that we already possess. Understanding our emotions is the most important step in knowing oneself.

Observing our response to difficult and challenging situations gives a clear idea of our emotional balance and make up. Our emotions are not tested when everything is smooth and fine; only when we face the ups and downs of life challenges our true emotional character comes out.

So, are you a kind of person who crumbles when faced with failure; do you hate rejections; are you afraid of new challenges; are you scared of walking your own path; do you constantly need motivation and guidance; do you get lost without support. All these questions will give you an answer about your emotional strength. It is never too late to start working on your emotions. Master your emotions to master yourself and your destiny.

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