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  • October 30, 2016
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Focus is one of the easiest topics to talk about and one of the most difficult of qualities to cultivate. In the simplest sense, focus is your ability to choose a task and dedicate your time and energy till it is completed. Sounds extremely easy to understand and follow, but focus is anything but easy. It is a multi layered dynamic quality that needs time, energy and yes, focus to develop

One of the most difficult things to understand about focus is that it is so simple and independent of all other qualities that you either know how to focus or you don’t. There are really no alternate paths and ways through which one can develop focus. The only way to focus is by focusing.

Let us take a few simple and easy to understand examples. Let us say you want to read a book for one hour every day, or you want to exercise for one hour every day or you want to follow a strict diet plan or any other simple easy to do activities that you want to do on a daily basis. The biggest challenge to accomplish any of these simple tasks is your ability to focus.

You are almost like a great warrior possessing enormous focus, energy and determination to accomplish a task when you first decide to do it. And almost as a definite rule your focus and determination gradually reduces to a point where you need other external warrior forces to persuade you to accomplish those tasks. Now, why is this considering that you are the same person who decided to do something and later decided to give up?

The simple answer to this predicament is lack of focus. You give up because you can no longer hold on to the task, you can no longer focus. Anyways, you need not be alarmed if you cannot focus because focus doesn’t come naturally to human beings. It is a quality that has to be cultivated over rigorous hours of discipline and hard work. Unless you have been through a system of self discipline and focus, you simply don’t know how to focus.

The first challenge is to identify your lack of focus. Observing your daily actions and the pattern of accomplishing them will give you a fair idea about your ability to focus. If you realize that you lack focus, then that becomes the starting point of changing your behavior. As mentioned before, focus can only be practiced by focusing. So the best way to start learning this most important habit is by picking a task and deciding to see it that it is completed.

You can start with simple and easy activities that you can do on a daily basis. The activity should not be entertaining, or something that you are overly enthusiastic about. The secret of learning to focus is by first picking an activity that you normally don’t enjoy doing. The activity should be easy but it should take some effort to accomplish it. Examples can be reading, exercise, meditation, running, painting, sports etc. Once you have chosen the task, make a note of the day when you begin and continue to mark the days when you were able to accomplish it. Also mark the days when you were not able to accomplish the task. This will clearly show you your level of focus. Rest is simply a matter of Focus!

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