• October 25, 2016
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IASbaba's Think Learn Perform 2016, IASbaba's TLP - 2016
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Q1.)“The era of discovery and exploration was but another aspect of the Renaissance interest in the world and man.” Comment. [ 20 Marks,400 words]

Q2.)“Rousseau’s political philosophy contains the seeds of Socialism, Absolutism and Democracy.” Comment. [ 20 Marks,400 words]

Q3.) “for Kant, enlightenment is mankind’s final coming of age, the emancipation of the human consciousness from an immature state of ignorance and error.” Critically examine.  [ 20 Mark,400 words]

Q4.) “Marxian Commumism is primarily the offspring of German Hegelianism and French Socialism.” Comment. [20 Marks,400 words]

Q5.) “France was more fertile than Britain in producing new Socialist theories and movements, though they bore less concrete results in France than in Britain.” Critically examine. [15 Marks,300 words]

Q6). “Enlightened despots (Europe) were not necessarily politically liberal.” Critically examine. [ 10 Marks,200 words]

Q7).  If we, were to define our conception of the State, our answer would be that the State is the banker of the poor. The government would finance and supervise the purchase of productive equipments and the formation of workshops.” In light of the above statement of Louis Blanc, throw light on the Pre-Marxist Socialist Thought in Europe. [ 20 Marks,400 words]

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