TLP 2016 OPTIONAL – Geography Mini Test 4

  • IASbaba
  • November 7, 2016
  • 8
Mains Examination, TLP Geography Optional
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Must Refer to Geography Plan and StrategyClick Here

Think Learn & Perform (TLP) : Geography Mini Test 4


These questions are meant to examine your understanding of the last 15 days. Attempt these questions in 2 hours in strict exam conditions without referring any source. Please be honest and do this exercise sincerely.


All the best


1. Before the euphoria for bringing second green revolution achieves actualization in the fields of India, it’s ecological implications must be rigorously debated and preventive actions be taken. Comment. (15 marks)

2. Explain the significance of dry land farming for the Indian subcontinent. Also discuss it’s important principles and components. (15 marks)

3. If monsoon is the finance minister, livestock is the credit card for a marginal farmer in India. Discuss. (15 marks)

4. Discuss the factors responsible for the location of iron and steel industries in India. How decentralization of this vital industry has occurred in the last few decades? (15 marks)

5. Jute is considered to be a wonder fiber. Explore the potential of jute industry in India. Also enumerate the major problems being faced by this ailing industry. (15 marks)

6. The industrial complexes of India are changing their complexion in terms of their location, spread and significance. Critically examine. (15 marks)

7. Enumerate the principles of industrial regionalisation. How can industrial regionalisation be applied in India? (15 marks)

8. The Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridor will transform the urban and industrial landscape of the region. Critically examine. (15 marks)

9. Explain the role of railways in regional development. Is it true that railway has also been responsible for creating regional imbalances in the past? Why? Discuss. (15 marks)

10. There are many ethnic religions in the world with Hinduism having the distinction of being the largest. How Hinduism is different from other ethnic religions? Elucidate. (15 marks)

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