• November 4, 2016
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IASbaba's Think Learn Perform 2016, IASbaba's TLP - 2016
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Q1.) “Killing of Duke Ferdinand was the immediate cause of world war 1,but the seeds were sown decades back”.Critically analyse.(10 marks,200 words)

Q2.)  “The Treaty of Versailles was merely an armistice for twenty years.” Comment. [15 Marks,300 words]

Q3.) The Great Depression (1928 – 34) was “attended by momentous consequences in the economic as well as in the political sphere.” Comment. [ 15 Marks,300 words]

Q4.)  “The Russo-Japanese War helped in the rise of Japan as a great power.”  [10 Marks,200 words]

Q5.)   How far is it correct to say that the First World War was fought essentially for the preservation of the balance of power? [ 20 Marks,400 words]

Q6.)  One of the most important impacts of the Second World War was the “division of Europe”, eastern and western. Comment.[15 Marks,300 words]

Q7.)  Trace the growth of militarism in Japan in the inter-war years. What international reaction did it provoke? [20 Marks,400 words]

Q8.)  “Until December 1941 the battlefield of the Second World War was exclusively European and Atlantic; thereafter it became also Asiatic and Pacific”.  Comment. [ 20 Marks,400 words]

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