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  • February 19, 2017
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Focus is everything:

It is not how many different things we do that determines our level of success, but it is how well we do that one all important thing. To focus on the most important activities that can lead to success is the greatest of challenges. It is very easy to get distracted and lose sight of what we want.

The beauty and the peril of the mind is that it can adopt new thoughts and new ways of life very quickly to completely forget what it has been pre occupied with even a few days ago. Mind forgets and adopts. This is both a gift and a curse of the mind.

Unless we learn how to deal with a volatile and constantly changing mind, we can become a victim of its whims and fancies. There has to be something higher and deeper that can govern our thought process. There has to be a greater force that can keep the mind firmly fixed on the goal.

This higher goal and purpose is a vision of life driven by passion and commitment. Unless we have enough passion towards what we are pursuing, the mind will soon find other lesser alternatives to eventually go adrift. Unless our efforts are infused with passion and commitment we cannot focus on our goals.

Focus is not only a differentiating factor between success and failure; it is also a defining factor in determining how well we are able to perform our daily actions. Focus is necessary to achieve anything. Focus is probably the single most important distinguishing factor between us and other animals. We can focus and that is all it takes.

Focus can only be developed by focus. There is no short cut to learning how to focus. Some people spend their entire lives trying to figure out how to focus. The more one learns how to focus through reading, meditating or practicing any creative art, the more one is able to focus. It is as simple as – Focus to remain focused!

Focus and sacrifice go hand in hand. Sacrifice helps one to narrow down the set of activities that are crucial for success. Learning the art of letting go of personal preferences, unnecessary desires and distracting thoughts leads one to focus on one or two actions that matter the most.

There is no other quality more important than the art of focusing. Ability to focus can do wonders to one’s professional success, personal wellbeing, happiness and health. Focus is really the key to the life we all dream of; A life of purpose, vision and success.

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