Interview Discussion – Day 17

Interview Discussion- Day 17


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Important Guidelines

  • In real interview one will never get much time to express, so try to visualize and then write succinctly.  Do not consider it an essay
  • Raise counter questions when reviewing others. This will broaden the dimensions as the same will happen in interview.
  • Counter questions will help in better expression as well as expose to various aspects one may have missed while writing. It will lead to better understanding of the issue.

The issue for discussion today is the following:

Today dissenting voices are emanating from almost all the corners of the country. Ranging from the youth in Kashmir to naxalites in the Red Corridor and from Jats in Haryana to students in JNU, we are witnessing anger and discontent towards the state. Questions relating to these themes are common in Civil Services Personality Test. We want you to dwell on these issues and equip yourself better to tackle these questions.

The first issue that we want you to dwell upon is the ongoing agitation by the Jat community in Haryana. If you see the trend, you might have observed that there is nothing new with the agitation. In fact Kapus in Andhra Pradesh and Patidars in Gujarat are having similar demands and modus operandi to bargain with the state. The question however is different! First of all, can reservation in higher educational institutions and government jobs solve their problems? Don’t you see an underlying anomaly? Hasn’t state failed in creating new jobs? Is our demographic dividend turning into a demographic disaster? Can’t anything be done about it? Is the time to act already lost?

  • Gaurav

    Thanks Ria for reviewing..
    1.Yes ma’am this youth bulge is not only unavoidable but also desirable..if India is able to tap on this we can truly achieve dividends..
    2.Regarding automation, yes maam it will lead to job losses. Thatswhy I mentioned that we have to focus on our employment intensive industries like textile, footwear etc
    3. You have rightly pointed out maam agriculture have to be mainstay for India for some time. We have to focus on productivity, equity and sustainability. 2nd green revolution need to be devised. But it is for sure that despite this, agriculture will shed off people which has to be caught under manufacturing net.

  • sachin gupta

    Reservation is a revolutionary tool that our Constitutional forefather saw to build equitable society. It can be seen in preamble which seeks to ensure equality of status and oppurtunity as well as fundamental right under article 16 which provides for affirmative action to socially and educationally backward.

    Demands of reservation have been asked by various communities since independence, mandal commission extended affirmative action to OBC and subsequently in recent pasts some of the communities are demanding reservation based upon their economic condition.

    I believe reservation as a policy is good but major problem in it is inclusion of communities remains static it hasn’t changed since policy has been introduced. I think we need to go for inclusion as well as exclusion of communities after every 15-20 years to oversee their improvement in socio- economic background. For that socio-economic caste census could be a good step to move ahead.
    Secondly we need to move away from caste as a criteria for deprivation, many belonging to SC communities enjoy good social status like jatavas, similarly we have mahadalits like majhi in bihar. And also we need to.include some new criteria as pointed by supreme Court like transgender, orphans etc.

    Reservation policy is not leading ourselves to demographic disaster but it is a tool to provide equal oppuritnity to each and every individual that our Constitution provides and indeed if implemented properly can boost development not only economic but also social

    We might have made this policy dynamic from its inception but rather than thinking about last we should act and do whatever we can do in the present scenario.

  • nivedita anand

    the agitation and termoil in the different parts of the country is princely related to job security and at some instances it is politically motivated too. concidering many facts that previous 2 years of draught, climate change instences , mismanagemnt in the agriculture sector, etc has pushed the farmers towards demanding a safer way consitant income generating job.
    reservation ha sits own merit and demerit. it is an etreme device for political parties who are well connected with caste politics. They protect their vote bank by making false allegation and thus fuels protests.
    lack of job oppurtunities is evident as 15million people entre job market every year and a/c to govt data only 1.5 lakh job oppurtunities were made available. Growing uncertainities in the international market, protectionasim, and neo nationalism will make life toughter.

  • V Kumar

    Hi mani how r u ? what was result?

  • V Kumar

    Sir/ Madam;

    Reservation was temporary provision given by our constitutional maker for social upliftment of backward people. However, This provision is being extended decade on decade to hide states failure to provide equality and basic need of people. Agrarian sector traditionally been largest employer. Economics rational guide that in development journey of country, agriculture share in employment and GDP contribution should decrease and manufacturing should increase. But in place of this, Agriculture development have been seeing failure year on year basis. Though, employment dependence remains stagnated.

    Disparity in society is increasing day by day. Corporate sector employed are getting handsome salaries while peasant are not able to get back their investment. Weather vagaries, states control prices, import &export limitation, backward &forward linkages, availability of cold storage, etc are hurting profit of farmer.

    Jat in Haryana and Patidar in Gujarat are dominate farmer community. But their influence in society is decreasing due to their economic hardship. However, whatever is the condition they don’t deserve for reservation as they are not historically socio- economically backward. Also, Reservation will not solve problem of their hardship. Instead it will further motivate other caste to raise similar demand.

    The need of hours is to involve these people in education and skill development for removing structural anomalies of agriculture sector. They are asset for country and their energies should be utilize in channelized ways. We can afford another peasant upsurge in different states on the name of reservation. Economic hardship of people have been historically one very important almost all the revolt and upsurge happened in world and country.

    • VKS

      hey.. i think u have not answered the part whether we are already late ?? review mine 🙂

      • V Kumar

        sure bhai..

  • VKS

    No sir/mam, reservation at higher educational institutions or government jobs will not solve the problem, instead it will complicate the issue and will create frictions in society… State is lagging far behind in job creation than what is required and it can create demographic disaster if not properly handled… Sir, some of things that can be done like.. reforming labour laws, increasing entrepreneurship culture, better skilling, there is need to make rural economy viable and many jobs can be created in small towns. Sir.. we have not lost the time but the window of opportunity is closing fast specially in context of international and technological shift.. therefore we need to act speedily..

    • V Kumar

      Good answer VKS ..
      As you are against the reservation in higher education and government jobs.. Are you favor to done away it. Is our constitutional founders have introduced wrong principal of reservation?

      • VKS

        No sir, reservation should not be done away in present socio-economic reality. But it certainly needs changes so that basic intent behind it could be realised. Sir, i don’t think our constitutional founders were wrong in introducing reservation system, and as our constitution provides only social and educational backwardness for becoming eligible for reservation and Jat community do not come under this thrfore they should not be given reservation as was supreme court view too…

      • VKS

        hey v kumar.. are u in for interview..?? if yes, then can u tell me what are u doing for it… if not then any of ur friend u can tell about??

        • V Kumar

          No dear … i am not in ..I hardly anyone with optional geography to clear mains except you.

  • VKS

    hey.. i liked ur 6th point “never late to realise one’s fault and recover”… review mine too 🙂

  • Axi Tak

    Reservation cannot solve this problem. It will just make the situation worse, if one section is given reservation all will demand it. If more people will get reservation than the will to do hard work will reduce. People will start depending on reservation. India is a young nation with immense potential. Politics should be kept away from education and jobs. These both are directly connected to country’s growth. This is just an unending battle. There could be more welfare programs, scholarships, apprenticeship programs which could be made in this direction but increasing reservation is just not going to solve nothing.
    India is a developing country and yes jobs are not being made with the pace which is required. Government is taking initiative through SKILL INDIA, MAKE IN INDIA, SKILL INSTITUTIONS and towards the higher education institutes, four new IIT’s have opened in Chattisgarh, Goa, Jammu and Karnataka. All the positive attempts are being made by the Government so that more people have jobs.
    India is a democratic country everyone has a right to express their view. Its a good thing that youth of India is expressing their concerns but they need to understand that Government is for their welfare. They are taking the steps wherever possible and public welfare is all what government does. Its time people should become more aware and understand that reservations were given to the depressed classes who have suffered discrimination for years. Reservations were given to create equality and give them a dignified life. The goal was not to make them rich. but now what people are asking for will lead to inequality and injustice. At the end of the day we all are Indians and a every step taken should be taken to drive country’s growth and unity.

  • My name is Eshwar

    Gaurav, should the responsibility of creating jobs should be left alone to Government ?

    Do you think recent initiatives like Start Up India , MUDRA Yojana . ..can facilitate a conducive environment for self employment and thereby minimises burden on government ?

    • Gaurav

      No Sir, I think neither it is feasible nor advisable to put entire burden on government for job creation. It has to be done with public private partnership with government providing suitable environment and private sector tapping jobs.
      Yes i do feel, these initiatives will create a facilitating environment, but again these initiatives should not be dealt like any other social scheme, but has to be nurtured with adequate funding atleast in initial stages.

  • VKS

    hey gaurav.. are u in for interview..?? if yes, then can u tell me what are u doing for it… if not then any of ur friend u can tell about??

    • Gaurav

      Hi @vikinvikas:disqus yes i am in for interview. I am focussing on DAF, current events, IAS baba initiative and doing practice in mocks.

      • VKS

        hey can u mail at [email protected] so that i can have more discussion on it.. i will really appreciate ur help .. 🙂

      • VKS

        which mocks have u joined??

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