Result of Civil Services Mains 2016: A note by IASbaba !

Dear Friends,


Please don’t take this message as a ritual that is followed after any result is declared by UPSC. Even though we post a write up within one or two days of the results, there is nothing customary here about it. We write only because we feel the need of it. 

Friends! In success and in failure, emotions are at high. It is important to channelise that energy in a productive manner. That is what we call as emotional intelligence. Isn’t it? Now, here comes our role as your friend, philosopher and guide to share the best ways to make your success or the lack of it work in your favour.

First of all congratulations to all those who are through with the second stage of a really challenging process that we call as the Civil Services Examination (CSE). The very fact that you have secured a position among the top few thousand successful candidates in itself is a great feat. Let this feeling sink in and start your interview preparation immediately. You have to ensure that the glory of your success in Mains must be outshined by your final achievement. There is no time to lose and as always, IASbaba will be there to help you in your journey. The Interview Discussion initiative is already underway. Please participate with due sincerity and be more regular. We will announce our new initiatives for interview in a day or two.

We are very happy to announce that the Mains classroom program has yielded rich dividends with close to 50% success ratio.

However IASbaba team is saddened by the fact that many deserving candidates especially in TLP have not got through.

Optional has played a key role this time around. For a teacher it pricks, even if one of our student is not able to achieve his/her dream.

We have one thing to say

You will succeed for sure and it will be sweeter. Yes! Life has its own way of giving you the best. Many a times, it tests your patience. The one thing that you need to do is to accept this, re-energise  yourself and aim for the next attempt. We know that the moments that are passing by are painful. But don’t worry! All these moments are only a temporary halt in your journey towards success. Never ever accept these moments as your destiny. You had the courage to prepare for the most challenging examination in the country and also the caliber to advance through its first stage. It only means that it’s only a matter of time that success will be yours. Needless to say that IASbaba is there to listen to you, address your concerns and guide you through this journey. Stay connected and updated. We want you to come better and stronger this time and for that to happen, we shall walk the extra mile with you.


Again, all the very best for your journey.

Thank You


  • Bhaisaab

    Meri siddat ka nateeza jaroor niklega……wo syah samandar se jaroor niklega.

    keep trying mates, keep fighting……because the day after tomorrow is always beautiful

  • Bhaisaab

    We all are proud of what you are. We all know what you are capable of.
    Be spirited , keep inspiring us.
    Thanks for this beautiful piece.

    • Heidi

      Thank you Bhaisaab. All the best.

  • Bhaisaab

    Haha, righty said. Journey is tiresome but it is worth it. It demands perseverance but its beautiful.

  • My name is Eshwar

    Congratulations to all my dear aspirants..You are now in the final lap,where one has to struggle for each and every mark..Go and give your BEST..!!

    And to my other fellow aspirants like me who didn’t qualify ,in my opinion it is the time to honestly admit our defeat . Unless we accept it , we cannot identify and rectify our shortcomings to realise our target.

    I know that the next days would be gruelling,painful and tougher, but we are more tougher than UPSC..and it is time to undergo the self transformation and rise as “Phoenix “…

    All the very best guys..

  • Mukesh_MAX

    Hey vidhu bhai. Luck factor is supreme in this exam. I need to find some job along with cse preparation. Kuch suggest karo yar.

    • vidhu

      Bank (ibps), ssc sarkari hai..inhe try kar sakte ho bhai. Par competition upsc se bhi jyada hoga. Warna apni graduation ke hisaab off campus try kar saktey ho. Kissi local coaching institute me padha bhi saktey ho. Bahut se log kartey hai…padhai bhi apni ho jaati and paise bhi aa jatey hai. Revision hota rehta hai padha padha ke

      • Mukesh_MAX

        Thanks vidhu bhai. Kuch na kuch to karna padega.

        • vidhu

          Rbi grade b ka exam dekha.. Acchi job hai and upsc ki prep kaam ayegi…plus abhi pre ka padho bhai..june ke baad job ka scene dekhna…abhi distract na ho

          • Mukesh_MAX

            Thanks bhai. Ha yaar sahi bol re ho. Vaise aap kaha job kar the ho?

          • vidhu

            abhi mai IT Specialist Officer hu Grade 2 (Manager level) Indian Overseas Bank, Central Office Chennai

          • Mukesh_MAX

            Sahi hai bhai. You must have given ibps so exam? Or something else?

          • vidhu

            2014 me diya tha…uss se pehle infosys me they..SO ka exam diya tha ibps ke hi though… Financial security ke liye…

          • Mukesh_MAX

            Good yaar. All the best for cse 17

          • Satya Onoffon

            Bhai thoda scale 1 so interview ka guide kardo..

          • vidhu

            Bhai maine 2014 me diya tha to a lot would have changed…still i was asked mostly on current affairs of that time..prepare it well and also your graduation subjects…kuch pooch le to bata lena chahiye..some general bank rbi related topics jispe opinion poch saktey hai on which be diplomatic as banks ko hi bura kahogay to naukri kyu de wo…major focus should be current affairs

        • V Kumar

          Hey max bhai .. Best option is to join some coaching for teaching. It will increase ur subject understanding. You can approach any coaching according to ur convenience .They will offer you job easily for teaching. I have done many time during my graduation. And Simultaneously, as Vidhu has suggested, give other exams required same line of preparation as UPSC required.
          Don’t be dishearten brother ..

          • Mukesh_MAX

            Thank you dear. I will definitely look into your suggestion. All the best 🙂

  • Mukesh_MAX

    Thank you iasbaba 🙂
    Babaji will you be starting prelims plan like last year? If yes when would it start? That plan was wonderful and helped in better execution.Please oblige babaji 🙂

    • mani

      Hi I used to read your answers on iasbaba and learnt a lot from them .I have not cleared mains this time. I think my optional backfired. Can you please give ur mail so that I can send my queries regarding sociology.

      • Mukesh_MAX

        I am also in the same boat. Will try if I can be of some help. Though I am out of touch with socio since December.
        [email protected]

  • Sudhanshu Shekhar

    As expected. Thanks.

  • veracity29

    I have always admired so many people on this platform and they have been my guide through their answers as I have tried to pick up their styles, their ideas, and even their choice of words at times.
    To see so many of them gear up for 2017 once again is inspiring as well as scary. I am inspired because these people are brave and so committed to their goal. I am scared because it is only now that I have begun to understand the truth of this exam. I can’t help but think that most of it is random and based on luck. And worse still, I am afraid of resigning to this fact and not fighting back with full gusto. And this is when I haven’t even appeared for the mains.
    I don’t know why I feel so hopeless. These people are my heroes, you might as well put it that way. And if they can’t sail through, there is no way I can.
    I hope this is temporary and I hope to find inside myself the reason why I began at the first place. I hope to find some objectivity in this ocean of randomness. And more than anything else I hope that all deserving people who have sincerely worked in the pursuit of this idea called UPSC get through.
    Good luck friends. Let us atleast do our roles to the best of our ability, since that is all we have in our hands.

    • Mukesh_MAX

      Yes there is subjectivity. Yes there is lot of luck needed. And yes the competition is humongous. But still it’s worth a shot. Sabki apni apni kismat hai. Some clear this in first shot and some clear it in their last as well. So give your best and forget the rest. My only advice to fellow aspirants will be to prepare along with some job after initial few attempts. Never quit when you have entered this arena. But yes have a back up too. Cheers 🙂

      • veracity29

        I guess you are right. One has to strive till the end or else be haunted by regret throughout life.
        And absolutely right about the back up. I am yet to figure that one out. Anyway, Good luck. Hope 2017 is brilliant for all of us. 🙂

    • SherniZaad

      Arey chill..hum sab ek hi kashti ke sawari hain…just remember one thing, upsc is not a race its a marathon, you’ll sail through it once u r completely ready. We couldn’t because we weren’t. We just have to be persistent and keep growing, exam to clear hoga hi..i hope it helps:-)

      All the best!

      • veracity29

        Bilkul..thanks for the lovely words. Good luck 🙂

    • vidhu

      Sab moh maaya hai…in the end attitude and how you cope with success and “non success”(avoiding the word failure) matters…
      As the song in Mr India movie goes “zindagi ki yahi reet hai haar ke baad hi jeet hai… Thode aansu hai thodi hasi..aaj gum hai to kal hai khushi”….
      So relax..time is already so less for june..itni jaldi aa jayega pata bhi nahi chalega…so buckle up and “ab to bhaag milkha”. 🙂

      • veracity29

        Best thing I heard today. Good luck 🙂

    • IndianSuperhero

      it is common to have self doubt …for others failure,,,,,but u should have that much courage ,,,that much attitude….that much trust on your capabilities….have belief in your self….you are diffrent from others…..your mind ,,your thinking is diff from others,,,,dont copy others….develop your own style,,,,own strategy,,,,,which suits you….just think why you have choosen this journey,,,,just remember your mothers smiling face when you will clear this exam,,,,have confidence,,,,,belive in god,,,,that’s it….!!!!

    • Toad Sage

      It is scary indeed when we see so many brilliant candidates around us who couldn’t sail through. Doubting oneself comes almost naturally at uncertain times such as these.

      However what is important is to never lose hope and soldier on. We need to make peace with the fact that there is a bit of subjectivity involved in the entire examination process but we can simply not afford to be bogged down by this reality. So dig deep, buckle up and lets go for it this year. Good Luck!

      P.S: I have seen you write simply amazing answers throughout TLP 2016 and have immensely benefited from your insightful reviews.So please don’t lose hope at this point of time. June is fast approaching, lets get back into preparation mode and own it this year 🙂

      • veracity29

        You are absolutely right Toad Sage. There is very little time left and a lot to perfect. I have also learned a lot from you during TLP 16 and therefore, your words are a huge boost. We sure must get back to work. Good luck 🙂

    • learner

      even i have had the same apprehensions except the part that i know why i started.
      It’s scary- yes, will we be able to stand anywhere -i don’t know. and about luck part see syllabus is so vast that one can never be an expert in every part of it. Afterall no man is an island.You may have read whole of syllabus except one part and upsc asks that part that’s luck.
      But everyone carries his own luck and this luck part should not discourage from trying at least. Trust me we all are going to be better persons in our own even after preparing for this exam.
      so don’t get worried and get ready to try your luck

      • veracity29

        You are right learner. I am already feeling re-energized after reading all other comments too. “Remember, Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” Good luck Learner 🙂

        • learner

          that’s the spirit and good luck to u 2

  • veracity29

    Heidi I just dont understand why this is happening. But the peace in you gives me so much hope. There is so much one can learn from you in so many different ways.
    All the best.

    • Heidi

      Thank you n all the best to u too 🙂

  • naveen

    Hey heidi… Thank you for writing this here… Every word you wrote has so much positivity in it that it again makes the dead soul alive!! It has given me the strength to think about appearing again… Yes!! God bless you and all of us:)

    • Heidi

      Thank u Naveen. All the best.

  • Across

    UPSC should drop optional subject. Existence of optional subject made the exam more about luck than about merit.

  • SM

    Its really sad to see so many deserving people whom I look up to could not make it.
    Almost one and half year back when I started the preparation I was planning to leave my job and fully dedicate myself to this exam. But later I changed my mind and tried to manage along with my job. I think this was the best decision I made.
    I strongly recommend the people not to leave their job unless you have any solid backup can manage the preparation with job too.
    I am out with Sociology.
    Koi sociology wala ho bhai to help kro please …

    Congrats to all who made it 🙂

  • will succeed this time

    i could not clear my second mains also . dont understand what to do. My optional is public administration. Sir please help me what to do . Sir please also help me regarding my dilemma whether to continue or leave public administration and if to continue then how to proceed.

  • learner

    Actually i’m finding it really difficult to manage it along with my job. But still have not been able to muster enough courage to leave.

    • vidhu

      Bhai even I don’t have the courage to leave the job…the job scene is very very bad option is to gives ones best and clear the exams and let go…job chodna in my opinion is not a good option

  • Hope

    Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.

    • Heidi

      I remember hope!

  • Hope

    Let not the yearning for the ‘blue umbrella’ die,
    It always rains after the drought !!

    • Heidi

      sure 🙂

      • RUb!k

        hey, don’t loose hope. ATB:)

        • Heidi

          Thanks Rubik.

  • Bhokal

    Lots of Anger, Frustration and Silent Tears.

    Yeah, I faced the same when sudden DAF preparation with sure success assumption converted into Ground ZERO.

    The Unpredictable Public Service commission (The Snake) has bitten us and tasted our blood.
    It is asking us to Sleep and Die with its poison.

    So the time is to keep us awake, active, apply whatever balm we have and make our body so adaptable that no snake poison will ever affect us.

    Good Luck friends.

  • Heidi

    no pracs.

  • Hermione

    Hi Heidi
    I think you are a very deserving candidate. Sometimes things just dont work out. But never give in. I know you as a warrior and recognise the fighting spirit in your words. Victory shall be yours in the time to come..My sincerest wishes.
    Turn this setback into a comeback.

    • Heidi

      Thank you Hermione. All the best 🙂

  • Hemand

    sad to hear tht u didnt . hope u can and u will

  • Ravi Anand Singh

    Really inspiring thought .

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