REGISTRATIONS OPEN (100+ Free Admissions)- IASbaba’s OFFLINE Classes 2018 Prelims-Mains-Interview

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Please note that, the SCHOLARSHIP TEST for FREE Seats is over. Now the ONLY mode of enrollment for our OFFLINE Classes is by First-Cum-First Serve Basis. Read the complete post for further details!



At IASbaba we have a single guideline before starting any initiative “Can we at IASbaba do it the best in comparison to any existing system, Can we redefine the way things are delivered” 

If the answer to the above is yes , then only we go ahead with an initiative and not for mere sake of doing things

A testimony to the above has been 60 Day Program, TLP program and ILP Program which have now become the biggest online environment for UPSC learning.

As on today our App is downloaded by 2,50,000 plus aspirants with the highest rating of 4.6 (UPSC standalone).

We started an offline course for a select group of 150 students and the response has been phenomenal.

Where normal coaching centres would have a success ratio of 1-4%, IASbaba clearly wants to have a success ratio of 30% at each successive stage

In sync with the above vision we proudly announce the commencement of Comprehensive Integrated Classroom Program (Prelims, Mains and Interview) for 2018.

Selection in UPSC Civil Services Exam is like climbing a mountain. You not only need proper equipment and training but also a very strong resolve and mental make-up. Despite having everything you can’t do it without a proper guide who can help you out at every single step.

This is where we come into the picture. IASBABA was started with an aim to provide one stop destination for all your preparation needs.

All our programs are extremely outcome oriented in a time bound manner. You can read the reviews of Online programme here Link 1 and Link 2

With the Workshops we were able to help you prepare Essay in 30 minutes with a proven framework or make you understand IR and Ethics strategy in an hour. What to read? What not to read? How to Read? and nuances of UPSC preparation were cleared with Current Affairs, Mains Answer writing strategy. All our workshops received tremendous response. You can cross check it here- Link 1, Link 2 and Link 3

Coming to our OFFLINE Classroom program (2016 & 2017), the classes were designed to provide high output – input ratio. And the response was overwhelming and the feedback was even better.


We wish you set higher standards in offline the similar way we have set in online.

It is said that if you want to win a race your first step is very important.  That is when you get into a proper rhythm and get to the finish line. We are here to give you that perfect start and keep you on the track. The details of the program are as follows:


IASbaba’s OFFLINE Classes 2018 (Prelims-Mains-Interview)

Last year when we announced about our for Offline classes, we received close to a couple of thousand requests for our classroom. In the end we prioritized 150 students (Which got dragged to 180). Our concern was that we raise above the quality which we have been offering online to make it the best in India.


You can come over to the centre, meet either of the Co – founders and on their submission join the course. This would be the quickest way.

You can join the program by directly paying online or coming to office.  

To remain inclusive IASbaba has decide to go ahead with no fee increase for the present year.


Basic Information about IASbaba’s OFFLINE Classes in FAQ format:


Why should I join IASbaba?

  • Look at our work, Look at the video above; we don’t have to tell you that 🙂

When will the classes start?

  • August (First Week) 2017 – Tentative. Once Prelims Exam is over, we will come up with the exact date.

Duration of the classes?

  • 9- 10 Months (6-7 months of Classroom program followed by Tests)

Is this Prelims-Mains-Interview Oriented Classes?

  • Yes, it is an integrated program covering all the 3 Stages of UPSC Preparation. We don’t take classes exclusively for Prelims Only.

Will Optional Classes be conducted?

  • No

Weekday and Weekend Batch timings?

  • Weekday : 7 am – 9 am (Monday – Friday) – Tentative
  • Weekend : 2pm- 7pm (Saturday) & 9am- 5pm (Sunday) – Tentative


If I am residing outside Bangalore or Karnataka, how do I contact you?

You can contact us on –

  • Mail :  [email protected]
  • Mobile No.:    9035077800/8602242429 (Please contact between 10 am – 5 pm)


PG accommodation & Cost of Living:


Vijaynagar is know to have at least 50 PGs and acts as a base to any UPSC aspirants. 


Cost of living:

  •   On sharing basis : 5-6 k (including food)
  •   On Single basis : 7-9k per month (including food)
  •   In these areas you can get a decent 2 bedroom house for 8-10k


List of PG’s with phone number:

We are sharing with you a list of Paying guests located within 2 kms of the centre-

Click Here


For Girls: There are 3 high quality PGs within a km of the institute. The following are the same:

For Guys: We don’t find many PGs confirming to good standards.

Also on  you can find at least 200 vacancies in the surrounding areas of Vijaynagar , Rajajinagar and Malleshwaram.


Venue: Classes would be conducted in

1st and 2nd floor   Building No.364, 5th Main, Hamipnagar,  Vijayanagar II Stage, Bangalore 560 040, Land mark: Between Hampinagar Post Office and Coffee day


Payment Link- CLICK HERE


For any Doubts & Queries

E-Mail :  [email protected]

Contact No.:  9035077800/8602242429  (Please contact between 10 am – 5 pm)

Office Address: 220, First Floor, 28th Cross, 2nd Block, Rajaji Nagar, Karnataka 560010 (Land Mark- Near KLE College)


Please note that, details about 2017 Mains OFFLINE Classes will be announced in the next post (in a few days)


“Join us only if you think you have the fire and passion to crack this examination in the very first attempt with IASbaba”


  • Fazil Khan

    Hi Baba,
    Thanks for this article,wait is finally over for us. Please can you describe Entrance test will be Subjective or Descriptive type? Or it will be combination of both. Please share details about Entrance test.

  • Pablo Escobar

    Entrance test will be online or offline?

  • siddarth

    Join this Telegram channel to get daily updates on IASbaba website

  • Tahir Ahmed Majid

    entrance test will be online or offline? Will there be centre in Delhi?

    • Entrance Test will be Offline, Objective type. Centre at Bangalore (only)

  • the silent

    how much is the fee at present?

  • Anoop

    Sir, I have one query regarding this program, and believe many of them will have the same query as me, so I am asking it here in the public forum.
    You mentioned that we need to join the program, so I am assuming that we need to pay the full fees first and join the program and later we need to write the scholarship test. Then, if we are found eligible under the scholarship the fees paid will be refunded (Best case scenario).

    Suppose if any aspirant joins the offline program by paying full fees and hoping to get selected under the scholarship, but later not able to get selected under scholarship then fees will not be refunded (Worst case scenario).

    If any aspirant wants to join the offline program only if it is free and if they get selected under the scholarship scheme, but if they are not selected under the scholarship, then they want to take up online ILP program and not join offline classes, then what is the procedure?

    • Bin laden

      i second u with the same doubt. Baba…please clarify!

    • Register and you will get all the details.
      Thank You.

      • Anoop

        Thanks Sir, I will register for this program.

    • Aasan_Hain

      hey anoop.. few doubts.. plz look into..
      (i got a mail.. frm that even the queries are same)

      as u asked a few in ur msgs… in line with that..
      1. direct admission .. full fees?
      2. through entrance test :
      if i clear .. then the ILP fees.. they wil refund.. and then no other fees?
      if i dont clear.. then is it compulsory to stick to ILP? means we paid bcz want to enter offline class… if dont get through the test.. then no refunding?

  • Praveen

    IASBaba Team, even I have the same doubt as Anoop. I want to take offline class only if I get selected under scholarship, otherwise I want to take up ILP program.
    I cannot afford to pay nearly 90 thousand rupees for offline classes, instead I would choose ILP which is around 10 thousand rupees.

    • Sure you can do that.
      We also want to clarify that fees is not as much as you have mentioned above.

    • Aasan_Hain

      hey .. did u get response? mail or any acknowledgement?
      or once they wil clr all things.. n sort out ppl.. then they wil invite?
      but with 10 que .. hw they wil sort?

      • Praveen

        I have not yet got any response or acknowledgement. I am waiting for babaji to provide the details.

        • Aasan_Hain

          and fr both channels of adm.. single link .. those of 10 que?

      • oblypreps

        What a nice topic you have posted here. Really if we follow all these tips while going to preparation . no chance to be failure in exam. I think post a good attractive content is best way to attract people.
        Thanks ..Please keep sharing such article.. Thank you all team..

        • Aasan_Hain

          which topic??

  • Sudeep mehta

    Hi co aspirants, I found daily capsule with hindu notes + PIB + prelims quiz together free at 7PM daily
    Have a look whether it help you

  • Rohini

    Hello, did anyone get an invite or an acknowledgement after submitting the form?

    • Aasan_Hain

      hello.. got mail in reply ??
      or babaji will sort people on the basis of those 10 questions ??

      and for both channels of admission.. only one link na? those 10 que..

      • Rohini

        Hello Aasan_Hain, I didn’t receive any reply yet. Probably it is taking time to process all the forms.

        • Aasan_Hain

          ok .. and 2nd part? i.e. for both channels of admission.. only one link na? those 10 que..

          • Rohini

            Yes, I think so.Anyway only one link is available.

          • Aasan_Hain

            thnks 🙂
            lets c.. babaji’s chamatkars !! 😛

  • swathi

    Do we get acknowledgement after registering?

  • Aaj Nahi To KaB !

    I join SPIPA Gujarat Gov Sponcered UPSC IAS Coaching. Total facility provided by Gov free of Cost. One of d best IAS centre of India. In Gujarat 10,000 student gave this exam only 100 student selected through MCQ Test (Syllabus same as UPSC) & Essay Test. Most of Lecture n Guidence given by Senoir IAS of Gujarat cadre. Many retired UPSC members also give VALUABLE Guidence at spipa.

    I dont need IASBABA. My Gujarat Gov is with me. Thanks Gujarat. This is GUJARAT MODEL.

    • Padhi

      But, I need it :p

  • Beautiful heart

    Baba…..I have registered already, but didnt get any reply in my mail. how to conform it. Please reply baba!

  • Trilochan Prasad Hilli

    Did anyone get the invite ? Within how many days will we get it.

  • Trilochan Prasad Hilli

    Hello baba I had registered but I have not received any invite or email till now , please help .

  • Aasan_Hain

    hey frnds.. do anyone got mail in reply ??
    or babaji will sort people on the basis of those 10 questions ??

    and for both channels of admission.. only one link na? those 10 que..

    please rpl ..

    • Beautiful heart

      no bro…i didnt got ny reply

    • Beautiful heart

      bro, when r u planning to shift there?

      • Aasan_Hain

        hw can i say? means did u get mail?
        and till we dont get anything frm baba.. then hw can move?
        as both channels demanded registration.. and rest things r in baba hand to allow or not..

        • Please read the featured comment.

          Don’t jump to conclusions.

          • Aasan_Hain

            hello babaji.. he asked fr shifting there.. so i said that unless we get mail frm ur side.. we cant decide.. and once u wil sort out ppl then only u wil send mail .. and i read featured comments.. abt 29th and register n wil get thngs in mail.. so thats y waiting..

  • Aasan_Hain

    i got the mail.. anyone got ??

    • MAI1102

      I got the mail. What do you plan to do ?

      • Aasan_Hain

        gm 🙂
        put mail here.. [email protected]..
        we can talk abt this there.. share wht u have planned…

        • MAI1102

          Check your mail

  • Bhaisaab

    Didn’t get the mail of details.Should I wait or it’s over?

  • Cool Monk

    @@iasbaba:disqus Dear Sir, I have received an email regarding admission details. Just a humble request . please hold the entrance test online because we will be unable to attend the exams in Bangalore as many of us are staying far away ,moreover occupied with job responsibilities. In case we will crack the entrance , we can decide accordingly to join the coaching & leave the job.. I hope you understand our dilemma.

  • The Ultimate

    Babaji, I got the mail but few doubts are still there.
    If I don’t want to join ILP 2018 program and want to join offline classes only if I clear scholarship test, then can I write the scholarship test without making any payment?

    • Aasan_Hain

      did u get ans fr this? i am also wth same doubt..
      did mail to them.. yet to get response..
      even the mode of refund after not clearing test is also fine..
      but compulsory mode that if dnt clear then.. have to continue with ILP.. this is the case…

      • The Ultimate

        I have sent the mail, but didn’t get any reply yet. I am not interested to join ILP program. I wan’t to take up offline classes only if I clear the scholarship test. I can’t afford to join offline classes if I am not able to clear scholarship test since I can’t afford to pay the full fees. So, I wanted clarity whether I can write the scholarship test without making any payment.

        • Aasan_Hain

          yes same issue with me.. i sent mail.. did nt get reply yet.. so called even i did nt understand the specific doubt.. wil u cal n ask ?
          and let me knw.. my mail id.. [email protected]

          • krish

            having the same doubt .if you get any clarification from iasbaba regarding it please share it .

          • The Ultimate

            ya sure

          • Aasan_Hain

            called them??

          • krish

            i have got reply from IASbaba that we have to join ILP for giving the test .

          • Aasan_Hain

            oh.. then? joining?

          • krish

            no wht about you?

          • Aasan_Hain


          • Aasan_Hain

            did u call them ?

          • The Ultimate

            No, I didn’t call them. I have only sent the mail.
            I think u have already called and not got any proper clarification. If I call also I may get the same reply, so I don’t want to call them and ask.
            I think if we can write scholarship test without making any payment then they will send mail regarding the same or put it on the website.
            I think Babaji and team are still not sure about whether they can allow us to write scholarship test without making any payment. I think they are still thinking on this issue.
            I think Babaji team may be waiting on how many people will join by making full payment and how many will opt for ILP/scholarship route and how many seats are still left and then decide on how to proceed further.

          • Aasan_Hain

            even same.. i didnt get reply to my mail.. n i thnk u r saying r8..
            i wil wait today.. or else wil cl again.. 🙂 i wil ask the clear cut thing.. 😛
            so that clr ans..

          • krish

            no but I have sent a mail to them and waiting for their reply .

    • vikash kumar

      any update “The Ultimate” ?

    • Ultimate

      No, you cannot. We have limited seats for ST test and thousands of registration. All our Offline students must have to follow ILP, hence the criterion. It was mandatory for us to limit the requests and filter out them. We cannot conduct offline test for thousands as of now. To appear for ST, one must join ILP 2018.

  • vikash kumar

    I am also having the same concern as “The Ultimate” is having. Is there any provision that we can join only after the scholarship test as i don’t want to join any classes by paying for it.

  • vikash kumar

    @iasbaba:disqus can you please share the profile of your faculty so that people can take informative decision. Recently i could know that Sanakar IAS Academy is also starting a batch in Bangalore this year onward and it is already having a good reputation in Chennai. I have gone through their faculty profile and it seems impressive. A similar kind of approach from your side will really be helpful.
    Thank You

  • Jaison Abraham

    New aspirants can check list of useful books for IAS preparation…,

  • Jaison Abraham

    New aspirants can check list of useful books for IAS preparation

  • Rehan Husain

    i have done my PG this year only, during exam phase presently, i have started preparing little bit for civils kindly guide me how do i can be a part of your offline classes?
    as i read that a test will be held ? sir how the test will be taken? syllabus of it? how to freshers will compete with old players in that test? these questions are making me feel fearfull..

    • Rehan

      General Offline Registration is open to everyone (Limited seats so first cum first serve basis). ST is for them who want to get into free of cost but that requires qualifying the test.

      Test will be on the lines of UPSC. We have limited seats and loads of registrations hence we put certain condition of ILP to filter out. Anyone interested in offline batch without ST can directly come and join till seats are available

  • Raviteja Sirigina

    Hi Babaji…Could you please tell us the date of exam.So that we can make necessary arrangements for our travel.

  • Maha Lakshmi

    I am going to join bank clerk in june or july..My interest is to prepare there possible to study while working area..

    • Yes, you can. Call us before coming to the office.

      • Maha Lakshmi

        thank u sir iasbaba website is my insitute and teacher prepare myslelf i live village side so no institute here

  • making it alone

    Registration still open or closed

  • Pavithra Krishnan

    Hi Babaji.. Could you please share the test schedule of 2018 with us.

  • Punith dev

    Hey i am PUNITH.V from shimoga district karnataka state just now completed my degree [BSC (CBZ)] exams i want to join upsc coaching centre. my lecture suggested me to join IASbaba in banglore. so i am planning to go to banglore in 2 days but i don’t have any information about fee structure and what procedure shoul be followed to join if you reply me with proper information it will be great help

    My mobile number :-9972248418
    email address :- [email protected]

  • Hi Sir, I am working as a Software Engineer in Bangalore. Before that i took coaching for Civil Services at vajiram and Ravi in Delhi. Because of some family problems I stopped in the middle. It’s not possible to leave the current job, because It’s necessary to send money to my parents monthly. Is it possible to join in coaching while doing the job. Please replay sir..

    My No: 9505152517

  • Himanshu Singh

    will the test be conducted in bengaluru only?

    • It will be online for everyone

  • knight007

    what is the fee structure

  • Pavithra Krishnan

    When will the ILP 2018 start?

  • Ritika Vohra

    @iasbaba:disqus I have paid fees for IASbaba ILP 2018 Online programme, when will it begin?

  • Hariprasad

    I have paid fees for IAS baba offline class 2018…I hav not got any confirmation yet …plzz let me know when ll it start…..

  • prince ballem

    may I join nw for ilp2018 now itself…

    • Hi prince

      No. Let the details come. Wait till last week of this month

  • ILP 2018 Details will be announced in the last week of JUNE.

    • ajay09123

      i have paid the money sir,how i access the material,at least send the email of link and plan

  • Rafia Tasneem

    Hi sir,

    I had paid for ILP 2017 and had leave the preparation midway due to my marriage. I want to continue with my preparation and appear in 2018. I have the value add notes and pdf docs of tests conducted. I plan to continue my preparation with the comprehensive study plan provided last yr. Do i again need to apply for ILP 2018. Also would like to know if there is an online initiative.

  • Parminder Singh

    hello admin.. I need to ask whether there will be anything specific for mains in your ILP18 or do we have to rely upon the daily news analysis and mind maps?

    • hi

      ILP will have both prelims and mains

      • neha

        @iasbaba sir any online mains test series?

  • A Nagaraju

    Babaji I want to join online ILP -2018, please tell me the details of the programme

    • ILP 2018 Details will be out in a week. You will get to know once it is out. Do not worry

      • ppiitb

        babaji….is there any seperate guidance program with test series. only guidance and test series. no classes.

        • Yes for Mains 2017 offline we will have tests and discussions only. Details will be announced soon

  • electron

    BABAJI when will be the entrance test

  • Imran Sagge

    I have already registered and paid on 2nd june 2017 for the offline 2018 program and I didn’t get any confirmation about my ceat in offline program please let me know or i should visit the main office for details.

    • Imran

      Send an email to ilp2017colearn with your payment details and contact number . We will connect with you asap

  • bajrangi

    @iasbaba pls provide details for online schedule for pub ad n mains 2017

  • Magneto

    When will offline 2018 classes begin

    • End of July or First Week of August. Will be communicated to all enrolled aspirants through email


    Sir, at what email ID should we write to you regarding ILP-2018 (online) and other general query?

  • Magneto

    I am a offline 2018 student , accommodation would be better in Vijayanagar or rajajinagar?

    • RANK1

      HY magneto i m also an ofline student 2018 ,,,want to ask somethin,,,ping me on [email protected]

      • Magneto


        • RANK1

          u dint maied me

          • Magneto

            I have !

  • Magneto

    Anyone with psychology optional for 2018 batch ?

    • Vivek V


      • Rahul Verma

        yes m too

  • Arman Desai

    Sir hindi medium k liye 2018 60day plan hai

  • neeraj sharma

    sir what is meant by KVVS ??

  • Durgaprasad

    Sir what is the fee fro Offline class room program?

    • Amith K Gowda

      72k+15% tax

  • Imran Sagge

    Those who registered for offline 2018 classroom program, should also register for ILP 2018?
    Do they by default have access it once the classes begin?
    please clarify….

    • Magneto

      ILP is included in offline program

  • raghu kondamadugula

    Hello friends,

    I have enrolled for Offline 2018 classroom program. Is there any WhatsApp or Any other group meant for interaction among 2018 classroom program students? Please let me know if any.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Durgaprasad

      What is the fee for Offline classroom program?

    • Amith K Gowda


  • naveen

    how many got invite for OFFline classes ?

    • Amith K Gowda

      they haven’t sent. they may send on 30th june or on 1st july

    • RANK1


  • Durgaprasad

    Can anyone help me in finding a good PG in vijayanagar area pls…

  • chandrakanth reddy

    is anyone taken geography optional and opted for offline classes?

  • Aspirant2k18

    When is the result of scholarship test supposed to come?

    • j4jackfruits

      hi aspirant ,they says result will be on 10th much marks did you get exept essay?

      • Rehan Husain

        how was yr score buddy…i cudnt even read last 5 6 questions..

      • Aspirant2k18

        Maths portion 🙁

  • Shiva

    @iasbaba:disqus hello sir, i want to join offline test series for upsc 2018. i have given my second attempt in prelims 2017. i have been really working hard but still finding myself on margin. but i want to give my 100 percent for 2018 and crack it this time. i am from panipat haryana. do you provide any offline test series for pre cum mains in delhi. as i cant move to vijaynagar due to family circumstancces.

  • Magneto

    @iasbaba:disqus Baba how about forming a group of 2018 offline students, would be useful to get flatmates and also know guys with same optionals.

  • Vikalp Vasistha

    Has anybody got any accommodation details for Vijaynagar area??
    Kindly contact me on ‘[email protected]
    Thank you

  • Armaan Khan

    HEY FOLKS !!!!
    I have bought vision IAS online full course, includes all test series, modules , notes, current affairs lectures, ITS LIKE YOU ARE IN VISION IAS CLASS ROOM and watching lectures.
    Full syllabus coverage, pre mocks , mains mocks, essay lectures ethics classes.

    I am wishing to share with 2 candidates.
    so that per head cost is 40,000 each. it is of 1,20,000 .

    kindly reach : [email protected]

  • Rahul Verma

    Hey the ones preparing for psychology optional 2018 attempt and looking for collaboration and want to reap the benefits of discussion and strategy msg me on +918800837632 whatsapp

  • raghu kondamadugula

    Hello friends,

    Myself Raghunath. I will be joining offline classroom program for 2018 batch. I will create a WhatsApp group so that we can better communicate among ourselves.

    Kindly text me with your confirmation/payment screenshot so that I can add you.

    Note: This is Only for Offline Classroom batch of 2018

    Contact No: +91 8686246207
    Mail: Kondamadugula1411[at]iiitd[dot]ac[dot]in

    Thanks in advance


    we are looking for faculty for civil services preparation(UPSC),Current affairs daily news discussion,daily MCQs, Please contact us : [email protected]

  • Imran Sagge

    If one interested to go for only ILP-2018 and opt out off from offline classes if already registered. is it possible?

  • Jessy

    hello sir i am interested to join In 2018 offline classes (pr+mains+Interview )even CSAT Paper 2 is included in this ?please let me know

  • Buddyconcept
  • Buddyconcept
  • shalu

    Hi Iasbaba,
    Do people who joined ILP 2017 get some discount if they want to join the 2018 programme?

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