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  • May 8, 2017
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Overcoming Negativity:

One simple discouraging thought can ruin years of hard work and effort. Whether we like it or not, we have to accept the fact that negativity is more powerful and detrimental to our progress than any other factor. All one has to fight is negativity.

What is negativity? Is it a derogatory remark by someone? Is it failure to accomplish something? Is it rejection of your actions and way of life? It is all of this and a little more. The most important form of negativity one needs to pay attention to is internal negative thought process.

Of all the different forms of negativity, our own negative thinking and false interpretation of something is the most damaging form of negativity. We quite literally create obstacles on our path by ourselves, just by unnecessary imagination fuelled by fear. Our own mind is the birth place of negativity.

All of us face similar challenges and obstacles. The key differentiating factor that sets one apart is his/her ability to understand the obstacle or situation accurately without too much prejudice driven by fear. When you are able to see things clearly without too much of negative thought process, the path becomes easy.

It takes constant and consistent practice to observe your negative thought process and overcome it. It takes courage to observe and accept your negativity. Negativity can be jealousy, anger, frustration, mistrust and fear. To observe each of these happenings within you is the first step to overcoming negativity.

All else is just a matter of time and fate. The only thing that is in our control is our ability to derive strength from our past experiences to overcome negativity within us. A mind that is free from negative thoughts can achieve almost anything. Success is simply a journey of overcoming negativity.

Even real external negativity of the world can only affect us through our thoughts. If we learn how to watch, observe and understand our thought process; it becomes infinitely easier to overcome negativity. Observing our thoughts and actions is the key to overcoming negativity.

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