Final Cut Off 2016: UPSC Civil Services (Prelims, Main, Final) Examination 2016

UPSC Civil Services (Prelims, Mains, Final) Exam CUT OFF- 2016



To know the UPSC Civil Services (Prelims, Mains, Final) Exam CUT OFF for the Year 2014, 2013,2012, 2011 -> Click Here

2015 Cut Off -> Click Here

  • Deadool


  • Yaswanth Reddy


  • Distinction

    Baba ji, what would be the best way to communicate with you?

  • Shaktiman

    Baba .. where u get this …. In upsc website there is no information about it

  • Simplex

    988.. seriusly
    that is way too much,…hey bhagwan

    eagerly waiting for individual least we will know where to improve. 🙁

    • Neil R

      this shows ..start writing from 20th june for mains if one clear pre…

      and even if one donot , then still start writing daily ………till next mains ….leave pen and paper only after mains ..

      clear sign…….

      competetion is getting cut throat …….. 12 marks it would reach 1000 cutoff…….. :-/

      • Simplex

        seriusly yaar. 🙁

  • Ahmed Muhammed

    huge cutoff i guess..

  • KeepHumanityAlive

    🤔 Seriously…
    Either marks were awarded more than last couple of years this time for mains or All sat were out of the league ..this big jump from last year… Really suprised..

    • Honestly it is a case of lenient checking 🙂 Do not worry, in any case there will always be upper and lower margins and for a sincere candidate, those margins will always be positive

      • KeepHumanityAlive

        I thinking the same Baba Jee coz the fluctuation of 111 marks in mains from last year cannot be a routine …anyways You are absolutely right like always…Thanks for being on the same page…Good night and CONGRATZ to you as coz of ur guidance many sailed through..


    just 40 marks for Ph3, Too much discrimination with general category students.

  • Bhokal

    So the Cutoff says Loose Optionals and Less Question Attempters Not allowed in UPSC Exam.

    • Neil R

      sahi bole … 988 … 12 marks less then 1000 …… ek time tha 1000 plus to top 3 will get ………… upsc cannot do lenient checking ……

      • Bhokal

        iska seedha seedha mtlb ye h ki agar is bar GS me 150+ v kisi k aaye to jada surprise nhi hona

        Prelims ka cutoff v high h, is bar 120 Cross krne wali h. Time to be alarmed and armed.

  • karan

    No cut off is mentioned on upsc site till now.Are u sure of this cut off?

  • kaushki nanda

    now does it mean that we really need to increase our attempt w.r.t. number of questions in prelims (for general category aspirants) ?
    how should one decide on that critical moment while sitting in examination hall that how much to attempt? it is really a difficult decision , sir please guide in this context.

  • Aim_2017

    Any idea when will the individual marks be declared???

  • leela prasad

    Baba, do you have info on cut off for Indian Forest service prelims?

  • Putta

    General category candidate who just managed to clear mains with 787 marks has to score min 201 marks in interview to get his name in final list :O

  • Hero Chaudhary

    Good morning friends, are you finding it difficult to remember all the current affairs from last one year or is it scattered across multiple sources/notebooks ? We are giving short and crisp synopsis notes on entire current affairs for Prelims 2017. These will serve as ultimate revision notes and help you remember all the facts for the exam. Find the entire prelims booster series at –

  • saran

    OMG !!!! 116…………

  • Tyler

    Cut off depends on paper level and candidates performance. Last year prelims have given too much way for one liner bits, current affairs. We cannot possibly think it happens every time. In 2015, Cut off was 106.66. If this year paper goes in for serious static analysation bits, surely cut off won’t go higher. If paper comes on the lines of 2012, cut off will dip to 90 too.

    As far as Mains is concerned, Surely it is lenient checking nothing more.

    • saran

      Hello, I am not well familiar with the 2012 paper. Can you say was that having more emphasis on static portions or current affairs ??? I know that 2013 paper was more of having static portions and that too a bit easy level of questions.

      • Tyler

        If Paper is on the lines of IASBABA ILP tests, then cut off will be surely Negative side of 75 :P. So you can understand how cutoff gets decided.

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