UPSC/IAS TOPPER’S STRATEGY: Saumya Pandey (Rank 4) 1st Attempt CSE 2016-IASbaba’s ILP Student

Rank- 4, Saumya Pandey CSE 2016 who was our ILP-2016 student proudly shares her experience with IASbaba. 

When we met Saumya Pandey, she had a brilliant story to tell!

What a humble and inspiring personality she is!! Indeed we need such hard working and down to earth people in our Administration. We are proud of you and happy to be associated with you.

Examples like her give us strength and motivation to strive forward to achieve what we started our journey for – to provide quality education to aspirants in the remotest corner of India. She has also justified our moto i.e. “One stop destination for UPSC”.

Apart from Integrated Learning Program, (ILP) she was also regularly following our other initiatives like 60 days Plan, Daily Current Affairs, Daily Current Affairs Quiz, TLP, PIB gist, monthly magazine etc.

The ILP admission credentials of Saumya Pandey is given below

IAS Topper Rank 4, Saumya Pandey UPSC CSE 2016 Marks Card

Watch Saumya Pandey sharing her Complete Preparation Strategy with Mohan Kumar S, Co-Founder IASbaba


When we made ILP  (Integrated Learning Program), we had a vision that a person situated in the remote corners of the country can clear the exam relying only on it .

That’s the reason we mentioned it  was not a mere test series , but a comprehensive learning platform!

Let’s hear the role of Integrated Learning Program (ILP) in her Success from Saumya Pandey herself-


Once again Heartiest Congratulations from IASbaba!! We were very glad to hear from Saumya Pandey that many in Top 20 (Ranks) were followers of IASbaba!

 You can also check our Toppers from CSE-2016- Click Here

Thank You

IASbaba Team

  • Ghouse Da !!!

    Kudos to baba, really you guys are awesome.

  • बजरंग

    I hope from next yr IASBABA implements teaching through videos in their initiatives too!!

  • many many congratulations to saumya and the iasbaba team..inspiration for all..
    baba…can you please provide us with her detailed strategy on geography. How to nail the exam without coaching…that wud be of great help…thanku..wishing lots of success and love to iasbaba.

  • Abhijit (ABG)

    Congratulations Madam and IASbaba team 🙂
    All the best for your future endeavours
    Keep shining like this

  • Siddhartha_Bangalore

    1st attempt clearance & standing @ 4th level AIR is a big time achievement… hatts off to your remarkable performance

    All d very best for your future endeavors !!

  • 2018 , JAI HIND !!

    Heartiest Congratulations to Dear Saumya and Baba Team ,
    Baba what are you planning for 2018 MAINS ??

  • Simplex

    congratuations to Saumya Mam and IAS baba.

    Baba just one single request. Can you please bring us any law optional’s strategy. Till now haven’t met anyone with law optional this year.
    Please guide me baba, i rely only on your website. Please _A_

    • One_focus

      Hi simplex, I too did have law optional and could clear mains this yr…got 432 in gs but law got me down …we can get in touch after prelims for sure ! All the best!

      • Simplex

        That is absolutely amazing. Your GS marks are really very good.
        I score 370 in GS and couldnt make to interviews.
        Where are u based? (city)
        we’ll keep in touch

        • One_focus

          hi ! me based in delhi ! you?

          • Simplex

            Planning to shift Delhi, post prelims

          • Simplex

            Tell your email id..

          • One_focus
      • AIR-1

        Hi sir/mam i am also with LAW optional so i was thinking that we should make stretegy and then rely on that for complete the syllabus and answer writting practice..So we’ll keep in touch …….what you say

        About myself – I am a LAW graduate and based in DELHI…

    • AIR-1

      Hi sir/mam i am also with LAW optional so i was thinking that we should make stretegy and then rely on that for complete the syllabus and answer writting practice..So we’ll keep in touch …….what you say

      About myself – I am a LAW graduate and based in DELHI

      • Simplex

        Yes, we can get in touch, once prelims are over.

      • Ritu Chauhan

        Me too with law optional. Hw can i contact u post prelims ?

        • AIR-1

          You can mail me at — [email protected]

          • Sudhanshu Kumar Goyal

            I also have Law as my optional. I would also like to get in touch with you all. How can I get in touch?

    • Ritu Chauhan

      Hi i had also written mains with law optional. Lets get in touch. Send me ur mail id.

  • Putta

    Congrats Saumya and IASBABA team. So humble and motivating.

  • Hero Chaudhary

    Good morning friends, are you finding it difficult to remember all the current affairs from last one year or is it scattered across multiple sources/notebooks ? We are giving short and crisp synopsis notes on entire current affairs for Prelims 2017. These will serve as ultimate revision notes and help you remember all the facts for the exam. Find the entire prelims booster series at –




    how will answer formation in the maines

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