Attention Anthropology students,

IASbaba Proudly presents Anthropology Test Series under the guidance of  teacher Mr Gagan Sir, who is considered the best by those who have secured ranks. The success of Naveen Bhat (AIR 37) and Nimishamba (Rank 386) and Sharath Chandra (Rank 425) in CSE-2016 is the testimony for the focused guidance and strategy provided by Gagan.

This is what, Naveen Bhatt had to say about Gagan Sir

“Gagan Sir’s finishing touches, brought me to where I am now (AIR 37). Anthropology offine initiave helped me improve my speed as well as content in my answers.”

This is what Nimishamba and Sharath had to say 

About Anthropology Test Series by Mr Gagan:

The strategy and student friendly approach of Mr Gagan makes  it helpful to all candidates from beginners to those who want to improve their score. The test series has helped many realize their dream of getting a rank in Civil Services Exam.

The Mains test series will be conducted both in Offline and Online modes.


OFFLINE mode will have tests followed by detailed discussions, which will be conducted on every Sunday (Starting from 9th July, 2017) .

The Fees for Offline Mains test series is ₹10,000/-


The same Schedule as OFFLINE. CLICK HERE

Question Papers will be sent to your registered email id.

A set of Answer Booklets (from IASbaba) will be sent to your Home Address, once the fees is paid.

Candidates must write the test and send their Answer Booklets to IASbaba which will be evaluated and sent back with feedback. The Answers booklets should be sent via SPEED POST (ONLY) to the below address


1st and 2nd floor,  Building No.364, 5th Main,

Hamipnagar,  Vijayanagar II Stage,

Bangalore 560 040

Land mark: Between Hampinagar Post Office and Coffee day

For any doubts with regard to the evaluation/feedback of the Test Series, you can contact Mr Gagan on [email protected]

The Fees for Online Mains test series is ₹8,000/- 

Bank Details:


ACCOUNT NUMBER:8418201003797

IFSC :CNRB0008418



NOTE: Once the Fees is paid, please send the confirmation to [email protected]

For More details (Offline) – https://iasbaba.com/2017/06/important-update-iasbabas-mains-2017-offline-class-schedule-gs-optional-geography-anthropology-kannada-literature/




Thank You


  • Amritesh Mishra

    Is there any plan for sociology?

  • I.A.S

    baba please start for sociology……humble request

  • I.A.S

    I request to all sociology optional aspirant please do concrete and humble request to IAS BABA to start SOCIOLOGY MAINS TEST SERIES, I am sure baba will consider are request………..

    • Yes. We are starting Sociology TLP

      • Prince

        yes! please! i joined ILP. Have already read the optional. so, i hope i will be able to give the test series

    • Mohit

      If you don’t mind can we talk about preparation for Sociology in private?

      Please text me on: [email protected]

  • Blossom

    is there any deadline for joining?

  • Meher chand

    Baba any plans on geography?

  • Gurpreet Singh

    Babaji I want to join the online test series after 20 July? Is that possible. Also by what time you would send the evaluated copies.

  • vivek s.

    We have started a online discussion group for Anthropology aiming 2017 and 2018 CSE. Those who are preparing please join in this ink https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/anthropology2018

    • Urjaa

      Any plan for whatsapp grp for answer writing?

      • vivek s.

        Sorry no whataspp group

  • aspirant2017

    baba, pol sci optional schedule?

  • darkknight

    Sir is there any deadline for online test series?? I might join it by 15 july

  • Affu

    Thank you babaji

    • Blossom


      U r optional anthro right?

      • Affu


        • Blossom

          Have u done previous year questions?

          • Affu

            not yet

    • vivek s.

      Hi can you pls share some of model answers given by ias baba for online anthropology test series. I don’t have any chance to join any test series. At least, if I get,it will help anyway. i have asked several people but still i did not get anything .pls don’t ignore.

      • Affu

        i have not received any model answers yet,shall let u know if i get one

        • vivek s.

          ok thanks

        • vivek s

          Can you pls share ur model answers got ias baba?

        • vivek s

          Hello u got model answers from IAS baba for anthropology test series? can you please share ?

  • AS

    is there any plan for online gs mains and geography optional test series?

  • Crazy comet

    Will online students of anthropology have access to discussion videos?

  • Gurpreet Singh

    babaji is there any deadline for online test series for anthro as i am willing to join around July 20.

  • Priya Ranjan

    I have paid the fee for Anthro online test yesterday 6/7/2017
    with TRANSACTION ID : 718722341587. So far I have not registered any confirmation .please confirm the status

    • Affu

      Same here,didnt receive any confirmation mail

      • Priya Ranjan

        I think they should do it by Monday atleast…by the way your GS marks are very good…can you share something about it..mine marks hovered in 90’s.got to improve it..but unable to find way out

        • Affu

          can u please be specific with ur query,as u know gs is an ocean

      • Mission 2017

        Haiee..fr online….will der b discussion videos uploaded

        • Affu

          Sorry no idea didnt get my question paper

        • AFSAR BITIYA

          no, Gagan Sir will evaluate the answers and also clear your doubts over phone

          • Mission 2017

            Ok..thnq so much

    • vivek s.

      mam, can you please give your feedback about IAS today Master series? How is it? Can you please give me your feedback about anthropology test series? which is good? please give your email id mine is :[email protected] Please reply mam. I will not disturb you asking silly questions. My optional also Anthropology. I need to know good test series for anthropology.

      • Priya Ranjan

        Iastoday is a big fraud.took my 6k ..and don’t respond now

        • vivek s

          So, are u writing any test series for anthropology?

  • Keerthana

    Can anyone please tell me in detail how to subscribe for online test series and how to send the confirmation?

  • madhurima dutta

    please start a geography optional online test series.

  • rakesh kumar

    is there any plan to start a statistics optional course?

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