IASbaba’s TLP Geography Optional 2017 [12th July]: Day 3

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IASbaba’s TLP Geography Optional 2017 [12th July]: Day 3



1. On the outline map of India provided to you, mark the location of all of the following. Write in your QCA Booklet the significance of the locations, whether physical/commercial/economic/ecological/environmental/cultural in not more than 30 words for each entry: (2 x 5 =10 marks)

  1. Nilgiri
  2. Son iver
  3. Amravati
  4. Thalghat
  5. Paradeep

2. Briefly explain the following terms in not more than 50 words each: (5 x 5 =25 marks)

  1. Major language families of the world
  2. Religious fanaticism
  3. Secularisation and human development
  4. Environmental degradation in Western Ghats
  5. Desertification in Sahel region

3. Are population explosion and food insecurity directly related? Critically examine. (20 marks)

4. What is land land dereliction? Discuss its causes, effects and remedies. (15 marks)

5. Soil erosion is a major problem in hilly areas. Why? Discuss. Also discuss the strategies to mitigate soil erosion. (15 marks)

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