IASbaba’s TLP Philosophy Optional 2017 [12th July]: Day 3

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IASbaba’s TLP Philosophy Optional 2017 [12th July]: Day 3



1. On one side Buddha says that everything in momentary (Kshanikvada) and professes Anatmavada, while on the other side he accepts the theory of Karma. Explain how can the theory of Karma and Anatmavada go hand in hand? (20 marks)

2. Pratityasamutpada is the central teaching of Buddhism. Discuss. (20 marks)

3. What is kshanikvada of Buddhism? What are its implications? (15 marks)

4. Does the “Doctrine of dependent origination” reconciles the two extreme views on the law of causation namely Satkaryavada and Asatkaryavada? Give reasons for your answers. (csm 2016, 20 marks)

5. Does Buddha avoids metaphysics all together? Give arguments to support your opinion.(15 marks)

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