IASbaba’s TLP History Optional 2017 [11th July]: Day 1

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IASbaba’s TLP History Optional 2017 [11th July]: Day 1



1. How can numismatics help us understand various historical processes and history of various periods? Explain.

2. Discuss the important classifications of the Megalithic culture and explain its importance in early history of South India.

3. Trace the developments during Mesolithic period with respect to Indian subcontinent and discuss its salient features and spatial distribution.

4. Discuss the important advancements in the field of agriculture during the Indus Valley civilization.

5. Evaluate  the  ownership  of  land  in  ancient  India  on  the  basis  of  literary  and epigraphic sources

6.Reconstruction of Early Indian history is hardly possible without the help of inscriptions and coins.” Discuss

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