IASbaba’s TLP History Optional 2017 [15th July]: Day 5

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IASbaba’s TLP History Optional 2017 [15th July]: Day 5



Q.1)  Discuss the features of the administrative system of the Mauryan Empire.? 

Q.2)  How did Ashoka contribute to the moral and administrative welfare of his people? 

Q.3)  Discuss  different  interpretations  of  historians  about  the  nature  of  Asoka’s  ‘Dhamma’. Did his principle of ‘Dhamma-vijaya’ render the Mauryan Empire militaristically weak. 

Q.4Do you think that the economic factors were alone responsible for the disintegration of the Mauryan Empir? 

Q .5) Analyse the causes of the success of the Magadhan imperialism upto the reign of Ashoka the Great.

Q. 6) Examine the importance of Ashoka’s Rock Edit XIII for determining the extent of the Maurya Empire. Did Ashoka’s policies and reforms contribute to the fall of the empire? 


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