IASbaba’s TLP Medical Science Optional 2017 [15th July]: Day 6

  • July 15, 2017
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Medical Science
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IASbaba’s TLP Medical Science Optional 2017 [15th July]: Day 6


Q.1 Describe the development of the testis. Explain it’s decent into scrotal sac. Add a notes its anamolies.

Q.2 Describe pelvic diaphragm, write in brief about its applied anatomy.

Q.3 Describe a schematic labeled diagram of a transverse section of thorax passing through the sternal angle. Also enumerate of thoracic aorta.

Q.4 Describe in short the normal and anamolous development of urinary bladder.

Q.5 Describe the development of face with the help of a diagram. Mention the anamolies associated with it.

Q.6 Describe the gross anatomy of caecum and vermiform appendix. Write a brief note on its applied anatomy.

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