IASbaba’s TLP OPTIONAL – 2017 : History [19th July, 2017] – Day 8

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IASbaba’s TLP OPTIONAL – 2017 : History [19th July, 2017] – Day 8



Q.1)  How did Indian culture spread in the South-east Asiatic countries during the Gupta Age? [20m,400w ]

Q.2)  Highlight the achievements of the Gupta period in the field of literature, science and technology. [25m,450w ]

Q.3)  Give an account of the struggle for supremacy in South India between the Chalukyas of Badami and the Pallavas. [25m,450w ]

Q.4)  “The inferior cavalry of the Rajputs was not the only cause of their defeat at the hands of Turko- Afghans and Mughal.” Comment. [25m,450w ]

Q.5)  Did the triangular conflict between the Rashtrakutas, Gujara Pratiharas and Palas create a political vacuum in northern India which facilitated the invasions of Mahmud of Ghazni? [25m,450w]

Q.6)   How could the local self-government under the Cholas adjust with their centralized administration structure? [ 10m,200w ]


 . Begram and Mathura : Summer and winter capitals respectively of the Kushan Empire

  .Amaravati and Pratishth?napura: Capitals of Satavahana Empire

  .Kannauj : Capital of Harshavardhana’s short lived kingdom; also of Pratiharas.

 .Manyakheta, Avanti : Capitals of Rashtrakuta Dynasty and Pratihara Empire respectively.

.Gadhipur: centre of administration of the Gupta dynasty. Capital under Jamwal kings Gaadhi and Vishwamitra.

  .Puhar : Capital of Early Cholas.

  .Madurai : Capital of Pandyas

  .Gau?a : Capital of Pala dynasty along with Pataliputra

  .Sigal: First capital of the Sakas 70bce-400

  .Taxila : Second capital of the Sakas 70bce-400

  .Mathura : Third capital of the Sakas 70bce-400

  .Sagala : Capital of the Indo-Greeks

  .Bhinmal : Capital of Gurjara Emoire

  .Jaunpur : Capital of Sharq? dynasty (1394–1479).

  .Pataliputra :Capital of Maurya Empire

  .Delhi : The current capital of India is the seat of Delhi Sultanate.

  .Daulatabad : In 1327, Tughlaq dynasty,  abandoned due to lack of water.

  .Ghor : Capital of Ghurid Sultanate

  .Badaun : Capital of Iltutmish empire.

  .Vijayanagara : Capital of Vijayanagara Empire under Akbar’s reign, from 1571 until 1585, when it was abandoned, ostensibly due to lack of water.

  .Kanchipuram :Capital of Pallavas

  .Thanjavur : Capital of Cholas

  .Allahabad : The city was a provincial capital in the Mughal Empire and was the headquarters of Jahangir from 1599 to 1604.[1]

  .Murshidabad : In 1704, nawab Murshid Quli Khan changed the seat of government from Dhaka to Murshidabad, renaming it after himself.

  .Pune : In 1730, Pune became the seat of the Peshwa of Maratha Empire.

  .Munger : Mir Qasim Ali, the Nawab of Bengal (from 1760 to 1764). In 1763, Quasim shifted his capital from Murshidabad to Munger.

  .Patna : Sher Shah Suri’s capital for brief period of 5 years.

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