UPSC Civil Services Examination-IASbaba’s All India Prelims Test Series 2018 General Studies and CSAT in English & Hindi- FULL PLAN!

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Hello Friends,

Here we present you the FULL PLAN of All India Prelims Test Series 2018 starting on 10th August 2017. 









Online Payment – To make the Online Payment – Click Here

NOTE: After the successful payment, please check you email (SPAM and JUNK FOLDERS TOO). You will receive an acknowledgment for the fees paid. Also you can Download the PDF after successful payment, it contains your ID and Password.

Offline Payment Details: Please mail us the acknowledgment at [email protected] if making offline payment. 

Bank details

ACCOUNT NUMBER 8418201003785

For those who subscribe to All India Prelims Test Series through payment link and Pay the Fee:

  • ID and Password will be generated automatically
  • Login platform will be activated 2 day before the program starts (the programme starts from 10th August 2017


Note- ILP 2018- Two Months Sample Plan will be posted soon.


Thank You


  • हर्षल

    what will be the difference between this one and ilp

  • learner

    @iasbaba maps are not covered

    • It’s implicit learner. Maps will be covered

      • learner

        No it’s not. You should cover specific portions of world map with each test

        • Learner

          Every portion of World Geo and even some Indian Geo contains MAP and it will be there. More than that many current related news contains Mapping and it will be covered for sure. Need not worry

  • Arkhamasylum

    Will CSAT tests be provided to ILP 2018 students?

    • No. CSAT is part of AIPTS only

  • Prince

    do you provide ranking of test series etc. can i have look at the test portal please? thanks. I have already joined ILP-2018

    • Yes we do provide. Test portal will be same for both AIPTS and ILP Tests.

  • Ajay Kumar

    Thank you.

  • Darkened Heaven

    Look at baba’s que no. 7 of sample mock test in aipts.I am planning to visit those option in the month of january.upsc ko bhi baba k classes lene aana pdega ab…iss baar to baba ne bomb fod dia..

  • revolution2018

    awesome plan for old players , thank you so much , ye hui na baat 🙂


    Thank you Babaji

  • 2nike

    @iasbaba:disqus hope you will post the IPL sample plan soon.. because it will help me decide, which programme to go for.

    • Dear

      We will provide 2-3 months sample plan day after tomorrow or tomorrow. 2-3 Months plan will be enough for anyone to decide. Full Plan won’t be provided for all.

      • 2nike

        okay that will suffice.

  • Ghåïñt Nāddî

    When will u provide ILP 2018 plan?

    • We will provide 2-3 months sample plan day after tomorrow or tomorrow.

      • Ghåïñt Nāddî


  • Sushilkumar R. Burkul

    please make the plan available in separate pdf form, a separate link.

    • Separate plan in Pdf is given. Read carefully

  • Kaiba Corporation

    Babaji, how is this different from ILP ???

  • jaspreet

    will the ilp 2018 comprise this test series too??

    • revolution2018

      No this test series is separate from ILP one

    • Jaspreet

      ILP already has 35 Tests for Prelims. ILP students can join this Test Series at the later stage if they wish to.

  • Mrinal Mukherjee

    For statistics optional :

    Open this link to join my WhatsApp Group:

  • smruti Ranjan

    For offline all India test series, will the schedule will be same as online. As the tests will be on both weekdays and weekends, it will be difficult for offline working professionals.
    Can we have options for offline tests on weekends only.

    • Smruti

      We will make it on Weekends. Do not worry about it..

  • Subi

    Can we take ILP Tests offline ??? As i stay in bangalore …it would be grt if i can take it offline 🙂

    • smruti Ranjan

      I think for ILP it’s not available. You can take AIPTS offline. I am also staying and that reason I am opting Offline Test series.

    • Subi

      ILP Tests won’t be available offline. Only AIPTS will be offline

  • Agmic Rakesh

    as i am hindi medium then solutions and explanation would be in hindi or english. plz clear

    • Hindi only. When we said Hindi it means sab hindi me hi hoga 🙂

      • Agmic Rakesh

        good news

      • Aku

        ILP is also available for hindi medium?

  • Suraj Lourembam

    Baba ji Pliz post ilp 2018 Plan, eagerly waiting for it.

  • Russel Up

    I have made the payment for ILP 2018, and received the login ID and pwd on email.
    The detail above says “Login platform will be activated 2 day before the program starts (the programme starts from 10th August 2017”
    How are we supposed to prepare if the platform is just activated 2 days before the test. Pls help

    • Kindar

      ILP program starts from 31st july.
      all india test series is different from ILP. and as mentioned somwhere by IAS Baba, it will be activated around 25th july.

      • Russel Up

        thanks Kindar

    • You have made payment for ILP not All India Test Series. This post is about All India Prelims Test Series starting from 10th August. ILP starting from 31st July. Be patient

      • Russel Up

        Thanks IASbaba. My bad. 🙂

      • ajay09123

        sir I haven’t received login id and password yet,i have paid for ilp2018

        • Ajay

          As clearly mentioned ID details will be sent and platform will be active one week before the programme starts i.e 31st July .

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  • Rahul Verma

    Hey the ones preparing for psychology optional 2018 attempt and looking for collaboration and want to reap the benefits of discussion and strategy msg me on +918800837632 whatsapp


    Please lets me know the fees structure for ILP 2018( For Hindi Medium ) ?

    • Vijay

      ILP is not available in Hindi


        Then sir pls suggest plan which is available for hindi medium in Iasbaba. Com

        • All India Prelims Test Series is available in Hindi.

  • Armaan Khan

    Heylo sir.
    i have made the payment already.
    when i will receive log in id and password?

  • Sushmita Sharma

    There is difference in plan between 3 months sample plan & full plan.
    In former, the polity syllabus from Laxmikant is till citizenship of part 1. Whereas in full plan it is till Part-1 all chapters.
    Kindly clarify, 10th August test will be till which chapters?

    • Dear

      3 Months sample plan is for ILP. This one is for All India Prelims Test Series. Kindly read the details carefully

  • shubham

    baba jee instamojo se main online payment nahi kr paa raha hoon ..koi dusra payment gateway

  • shazaan adil

    Is it providing any current affairs materials- like babapedia in ILP and after giving Test will it provide Answers With Explanation of that particular Topic???

    • AIPTS will provide only Test Questions and detailed solutions

  • madhsuudan

    Is it any plan for optional history…..

  • Surya Pratap

    Sir can we postpone the test dates to whenever we want, and can we take them multiple times?

    • Surya

      You can take it thrice from the time it is uploaded on scheduled date of test

  • Shailee Sukhdeve

    sir,in All INDIA test series i cant find plan for csat..kindly help me out.

    • There is no Plan for it. It will only be a full length test for practice as it comes in Exam

  • Ashwedh Wankhade

    Babaji can we get access to Babapedia if we join only AIPTS plan.. kindly reply asap

    • Hi Ashwedh

      No. Babapedia is only under ILP

      • Ashwedh Wankhade

        👍 thanks babaji.


    baba ji i an not getting access to my login page of AIPTS after doing payment. pleas provide me with the exact link of login page of AIPTS.

    • As mentioned, ID and Platform will be activated and will be sent to your registered email ID two days before the first test

  • Mujahed Shaikh

    Admin yesterday I paid the fees of ilp and that time I received username and password but can’t login yet..

  • Ashwedh Wankhade

    If anyone has joined AIPTS n gets access to online platform. Please mail me on [email protected]. or share ur mail id below it will be more helpful.please..

  • brajmohan sharma

    HI Babaji, Will AIPTS test series be in both Hindi and English like UPSC pre or only one language ?

    • Yes both

      • Gursimran Singh

        I want to join IAS baba Prelims test series .. From where I get the details ?

        • Singh

          What was in this article then? Read carefully

  • Pranay

    I wish to join this all india prelims test series in english medium. However I have a few questions-

    1. Will the particular test be available only on a certain day and time, or can we give it as per our convenience ?

    2. If I make the payment today 8th August or tomorrow 9th August, by when can I expect the login credentials ? If its in 2 days, then will I be able to give the test of 10th August on a later date ?

    • Pranay

      1. Yes anytime you can appear for it

      2. Once test is active it can be taken anytime before 2nd June 2018

      Login will be provided in few hours if you make online payment. It may take sometime for offline payment since the amount takes time to be credited in our account and to verify it we need time.

  • nikita

    I made the payment yesterday..n got login credentials also……. but still no test updates ,as today is 1st one…do I wait for it?

  • Read the guidelines for Test and Platform

    For Technical Issues related to Login, Kindly send email at [email protected]

  • Vivek V

    sir i have missed two test i m not able to understand that how could complete that and i will lag by 20 days according to the time table plz guide me

  • debojyoti brahma

    Can mains test be given online? I stay in West Bengal not possible to visit bangalore. I would like to buy prelims + mains test series then for upsc 2018 in upcoming days.

  • debashis banerjee

    Sir If i took registration now..How can i give all those test that already over…

    • Hi

      All the tests will be available for you

  • sndip


  • shashi

    I have a doubt, I cant take test as per my plan and time, suppose two taste gone already and if now i will take membership than how I can give previous two mock test which already passed. and can i repeat mock test again and again for practice.

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