IASbaba’s TLP OPTIONAL – 2017 : Medical Science Mini Mock Test – II

  • August 19, 2017
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Medical Science
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IASbaba’s TLP OPTIONAL – 2017 : Medical Science Mini Mock Test – II


Maximum marks 200

Answer any 4 out of 6. Question 1 and 4 are compulsory. Rest of the 2 questions should be attempted taking at least 1 question from each section.

Section A

1. Answer the following questions:

(a) Describe the effects of damage to radial nerve at the level of deltoid tuberosity. (10)
(b) Give a brief account of the mechanism of locking and unlocking of knee joint. (10)
(c) List the features of cerebellar lesions and their physiological basis. (10)
(d) Give an outline of anatomy of facial nerve mentioning its clinical significance. (10)
(e) Avidin, an egg protein has great affinity for a vitamin. Discuss the biochemical role of that vitamin. (10)

2. (a) The protein molecular ultimately needed by a cell often differs from the polypeptide chain synthesized. How is the chain modified to impart biological activity? Describe with suitable examples. (20)
(b) Define sinus arrhythmia. How it produced and what is its clinical significance. (15)
(c) Discuss in short the morphology, functions and disorders of platelets. (15)

3. (a) What are the tests based on the intermediary metabolic functions of liver? Explain the basis of each of these tests. (20)
(b) Outline the components of the translation apparatus in eukaryotes. (15)
(c) Describe the structures forming the floor of fourth ventricle of brain. (15)

Section B

1. Answer the following questions:

(a) Define sterilization and mention the various physical methods of sterilization and their applications. (10)
(b)  Discuss in brief the general principles of treatment of barbiturate poisoning. (10)
(c) Write in brief about the significance of DNA fingerprinting in personal identification. (10)
(d) Write in brief about Peripheral blood picture in Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia. (10)
(e) What are clinical manifestations and antidote of organo-phosphorus poisoning. (10)

2. (a) What do you understand by luminal antiamoebic agents? Describe the spectrum of antiamoebic action of metronidazole, its side effects and contraindications. (20)
(b) Define rape and write about various tests to detect semen. (15)
(c) Describe briefly acquired immunity. (15)

3. (a) Classify carcinoma of the breast and write in brief about histopathology of each type. (20)
(b) Describe various possible injuries and cause of death in case of successful hanging. (15)
(c) Define cholera. Describe briefly its epidemiology and laboratory diagnosis. (15)

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