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  • September 17, 2017
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Purpose and Effort:

There is a strange relationship between purpose and effort. It is a relationship worth acknowledging and understanding. Only when we understand the relationship between our true purpose and the effort it takes to reach it, we will be able to understand why we do what we do. What is it that drives and motivates us on a daily basis? And why does it take effort to achieve anything?

Strangely, the relationship between purpose and effort is opposite in nature. The forces of purpose and effort are diametrically opposed to each other. The more clear and precise the purpose is, the less effort it takes to reach it. In fact, effort is simply a lack of clear understanding of the purpose.

Purpose is our true calling. It is the reason why we do what we do. It is the reason why we exist and continue to move forward. There is absolutely nothing that is more important than exploring our true purpose of life. Once the purpose is clear, all our energies begin to move in that direction.

Purpose is not just an idea or a concept; it is rather a force. The stronger the force, the easier it is to move towards it. All our efforts and struggles to achieve something is a direct consequence of not spending enough time reflecting and fine tuning our ultimate goal and objective of life.

Here is how we can begin working towards it. The first and the most important thing to acknowledge is that your purpose is different from the purpose of your friend or neighbor or anybody else in the world. It is plain and simple; you are unique. So the first thing you can do is identify the uniqueness of your purpose and vision.

The moment you stand alone, separated from everyone and everything else around you, you will begin to see things from your perspective. You will start searching for the purpose that drives you, that motivates you and completes you as an individual. The single biggest reason why people or so unhappy and miserable is because they are chasing someone else’s dream.

Your purpose is unique, even if ten other people are striving towards it. What makes your purpose unique is your personal desire, hunger, thirst and creativity that compels you to act in a certain way to achieve your purpose. No two people can possess the same level of intensity, even if they both are chasing the same dream.

Spend enough time reflecting, learning and understanding what makes you tick. Make your purpose and vision of life unique and personal. Keep adding more content to your vision. Make it as vivid and detailed as possible. Spend so much time working on the structure of your purpose that you will have no time to reflect on the effort it takes to get there.

The only way to completely remove effort from your actions is to see the vision of your life with absolute clarity. When the calling of your true purpose burns bright and clear, all your actions get aligned to it. It becomes extremely easy to focus and do what is necessary. If you are struggling to accomplish something, it only means one thing; your purpose is not clear enough.

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