IASbaba’s TLP – 2017 : UPSC Mains General Studies Questions [26th Sep, 2017]- Day 57

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  • September 26, 2017
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IASbaba's Think Learn and Perform 2017
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IASbaba’s TLP – 2017 : UPSC Mains General Studies Questions [26th Sep, 2017]- Day 57


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Welcome to Day 57 of TLP Phase II. Please understand that the next 12 weeks are not meant to test your knowledge. Most of you are giving your first attempt and its really important for you to self assess yourself over the fundamentals of various subjects. And even if you have appeared for CSM before, it is always desirable to brush up your basics before you go on to attempt highly analytical and thought provoking questions asked by UPSC. TLP Phase I was designed precisely for that. Moving on to Phase II, we will cover all possible issues of contemporary importance as well as touching upon various aspects of static subjects.

Please be sincere and regular in this phase of your preparation because what you build here will become the foundation of phase II of TLP.

1) India  has  the  disadvantage  of  being  situated  in  close  proximity  to  what  is  being described  as  the epicentre  of  global  terrorism.  In  the  light  of  this  statement, examine the  challenges  to  India’s internal  security.

2) A nation  with  India’s  maritime  assets,  challenges  and  opportunities  urgently  needs to  conceive  a National  Maritime  Strategy,  which  will  create  synergies  and  draw maximum  advantage  from  the maritime  sector.  Elucidate. 

3) The  sheer  interconnectedness  of  the  system  gives  rise  to  legitimate  concerns regarding  the nature  and  structure  of  the  systems  of  response,  particularly  with regard  the  purported fragmentation  of  the  India’s  federal  arrangements.  Examine  in light  of  India’s  federal  set  up  and its  internal  security  preparedness. 

4) Why  police  reforms  require  immediate  attention  in  India?  Discuss.  Give  a  brief account  of  the factors  that  have  necessitated  these  reforms. 

5) Critically  examine  the  instrumentality  of  demonetisation  as  a  tool  to  curb  black  money. 

Note – The answers will be reviewed only if it is posted before 9.30 pm everyday

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