IASbaba’s TLP OPTIONAL – 2017 : History [4th Sep, 2017] – Day 33

  • September 4, 2017
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IASbaba’s TLP OPTIONAL – 2017 : History [4th Sep, 2017] – Day 33


Q1.Guilds have played very important role in Ancient India. Evaluate the role of guilds, specially as bankers on the basis of the sources available to us.

Q2. Briefly discuss about the intensification of trade contacts between the Indian subcontinent and East and Southeast Asia in the period between 200 BCE and 300 CE.

Q3. What were the major nastika philosophies in Ancient India and in what ways it differed from astika philosophies. Write with special reference to Lokayat sect.

Q4. On the basis of the Ancient literature examine the Indian view on the conservation of the environment.

Q5. While the west boast of a glorious Alexander campaign in India, the reality was far different. Critically comment.

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