IASbaba’s TLP OPTIONAL – 2017 : Medical Science [8th Sep, 2017] – Day 44

  • September 8, 2017
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Medical Science
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IASbaba’s TLP OPTIONAL – 2017 : Medical Science [8th Sep, 2017] – Day 44


1. Describe the characteristics of haemophilus influenza B vaccine. Enumerate the diseases which can be prevented by this vaccine. Describe the primary schedule of vaccination with HiB vaccine in an 8 month old child.

2. An 8 month old child weighing 8 kg, is brought with loose motions 5 per day, mixed with blood for last 2 days. There is no history of vomiting.

A. Enumerate the four important signs you will look/feel for to assess the severity of dehydration.
B. Assessment of dehydration reveals SOME dehydration. Write the initial prescription for appropriate management of this child.

3. A 3 year old child was brought to call you with history of cyanotic spells and exertion dyspnea. The symptoms were relieved on assuming knee- chest position. The child had central cyanosis and clubbing. There were no features suggestive of congestive heart failure. Heart size was normal.

A. What is the most probable diagnosis.
B. What is the major pathophysiological abnormality.
C. Describe the pathophysiology and management of cyanotic spells in this condition.

4. Draw a flow diagram showing the pathophysiology of Respiratory Distress Syndrome in newborn. Outline the measures to prevent RDS in a pregnant woman at 30 weeks of gestation with threatened preterm labour.

5. A 4 year old child is admitted with history of diarrhoea, pain abdomen, vomiting off and on since the age of 1 year. He had taken treatment from various practitioners without significant improvement. On examination, child is malnourished, weight 9 kg, height 90 cms. There are signs of vitamin and mineral defeciency.

A.  Enumerate all the probable cause of this condition.
B. What investigations will you advice to diagnose the cause?
C. Describe the management of celiac disease.

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